NPCs, Karma, & Alignment

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NPCs, Karma, & Alignment

Post by Keighn » Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:19 pm

We all know that NPCs could use a lot more text strings and keywords to respond to. In fact some of the NPCs don't say anything at all (usefull, except "I cannot help the with that." or some such). Is what the NPC says done in lua or is there some sort of spreadsheet for this?

Karma & Alignment. I would be great, and I know it has been discussed if not brought up by egg himself, about being responsible for your actions. Yes it would be great if there were towns that were paragons of goodness and dens of evil scum who'd just as soon slit your gizzard than look at ya. The easiest option instead of giving each npc a complete personality would assign them to be either Good, Evil, Neutral. Depending on your Karmic value (you being any of those 3), the NPC would react differently to you. A little more complicated would be certain ways you respond to an npc. If you are a rude hardass to the polite townsman, then perhaps slowly he get more annoyed with you. If it gets too bad he may refuse to talk to you forever no matter how good you later become.

I don't know if any of you have ever played an old game called "Alternate Reality." In that game you could gain prestige among the people and in particular you could buy rounds of drinks for the house. Eventually, people would wholeheartily great you and maybe even buy you a drink. Having townspeople remember you would be a little nice extra. Probably hard to program but I think that Haxima may have done a bit on this (I'd have to check or email him).

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