Sound & Music Modifications

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Sound & Music Modifications

Post by Keighn » Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:50 am

We've or I've talked about it before and I think some new sounds and more music options would be a change. Even currently with the abilty to rename various midis or wav files you still have a limit. No matter what you'll be stuck with 3 music selections (town, dungeon, continent) and your various sound effects.

Before I delve deeper into the music I must note that I had changed some of the multiple sound effects (i.e. there were 3+summoning waves that were all the same, and 2 armor spell wavs). I'll post the few that I had customly put down later, but as it stands now the summoning and armor spells use the default sounds. I'll try again but I had a different sound for summon monster, summon undead(daemon), summon dragon. My SL and VSL also had two separate sounds. If there was a specific wav file for each spell and perhaps weapon category (axe, sword, foils, mace, ua, shorswords, etc) then I could customize each. Perhaps if the sounds were good enough they could even be implemented ingame for everyone.

Music is also terribly limited. I know many people turn off sound and music but there are still those that actually don't. Perhaps a system as I've mentioned before that could be set by individuals like this:

Intro02 etc
Town02 etc
Dungeon02 etc
Continent02 etc
Conversation01 (or Talk01)
Conversation02 etc
Event02 etc
Shop02 etc

All up to 99 in each category. 01 would be the general default and I imagine, initially at least, the others from 02-99 would be blank until set up in the sound file by the gamer. In maped each maps music setting could be set as normal but the prompt would read something like:

101 - (Intro01)
201 - (Towne01)
301 - (Dungeon01)
401 - (Continent01)
501 - (Talk01)
601 - (Event01)
701 - (Shop01)
801 - (Misc01)
901 - ???
0 - No Music for that map.

So, depending how many music midis are in your sound file and their numbering you would get a different music file for that map; up to type99 of that category. This would open up nearly One Thousand possible midis while during play. Any map currently in play would probably have the default midis going when entered depending if before they were Continent, Dungeon, Towne.

On a slightly different note still using midis:

Talking to people could set off a talk midi when conversing with people or monsters. Talking to a goodly npc might be a cheerful midi while talking to some evil beast would be an entirely different one. (again set up in maped or however npcs are set up).

Events could use different event midis.

Shopping would be set at default but Later individual merchants could have different tunes.

And I've already pretty much explained continent/dungeon/towne. A gloomy desolate town might have some sort of sorrowful midi while happy joyful lalalala town might have some sort of smurflike music.

Over time as the engine gets more and more tweaked the various merchants could be set automatically without having some maped personality change the features.

Banks have always having banking music (say shop03)
Inns always having inn music (shop01)
Weaponsmithies weapon music (shop)
etc etc. etc.

Naturally, these could be customized later by egg or someone whom egg trusts to a specific midi (i.e. Pirate Supplies in Buc Den might have some sort of Pirate music).

It's just a long thought idea for far away planning.
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Post by Jaral » Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:31 pm

Its called The Sound OF Music. Not that anyone cared, but heck, why not nitpick when a fellow gets a chance.

I like the idea of improving the sounds and having different ones for each spell. For some reason Ive never even heard music on EUO. Is it turned off by default or just not working? Music is cool, but I suspect that most people play their own music in the background.. or at least I do. Definately improving sound effects is cool though

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Post by Rusty76 » Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:21 am

Why not have the midi file transfer with the map file? That way any map could have a custom music track. The map only transfers the first time you enter it or if it's been updated and midi files aren't large so I dont really see this as a problem even for dialup.

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Re: The Sound & Music (Not that musical about WWII)

Post by Keighn » Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:44 am

Old thread that I'm bumping up. When I find a hosting file site I'll post versions of waterfall, fountain, clock, and anvil that I rather enjoy.

Looking into sounds that differ for walking like:
through the sand
through the forest
walking on dirt (which i think is pretty much our default)
walking on wood/bridges/boats
walking on stone(maybe with an echo)
dripping water
crackling torches
Mumbling monsters.
Monster death cries.

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Re: The Sound & Music (Not that musical about WWII)

Post by Ozimandias » Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:50 pm

I've brought up the issue of more diversity in the midi soundtracks some time ago. Thanks for making this thread.

Maybe a group of midi's for certain categories (continent, towne, etc) that could be randomized upon entry?
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Re: The Sound & Music (Not that musical about WWII)

Post by eggmceye » Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:44 pm

this is all well and good but I can't find just 3 royalty free midi that I like for euo so I'm not going to bother giving it the capacity for 20 or 50

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Re: The Sound & Music (Not that musical about WWII)

Post by Keighn » Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:00 am

Actually, I wouldn't worry about putting the actual music in the game. Rather just the capability to have more music in different maps and music that activates visiting shops. The players themselves will have to learn to mod or assicate the proper media file off their own library to that file.

So say you have happy birthday midi. The game has the capability to have a midi for say chatting with npcs. The default in the config file has some setting like.. NPCmid = 0 which mean currently no midi is associated.

The player will have to have a midi selection in a folder in sounds with midis. These could be labelled anywhere from 1-1000 or whatever. Happy birthday midi in that selection is say #6.

So in the config you set NPCmid = 6

Now when you talk to say Ralph the Rabbit or whomever, it plays the happy birthday midi.

There's no need to actually put the midis in game and you avoid any copyright problems. All you've done is enabled the engine to use midis.

I've also noticed many different sounds for spells. I try to use various sound .wavs for different spells. My armour sound is vastly different than what everyone else is using. I had a killer summon dragon wav that roared of sort, but lately all summons sound the same.

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Re: Sound & Music Modifications

Post by Keighn » Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:33 am

Can google store files?

Anyone else create any sounds?

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Re: Sound & Music Modifications

Post by Grunkk » Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:01 pm

Microphone + Mouth = PEW PEW... Musket solved.
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Re: Sound & Music Modifications

Post by Djanno » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:15 am

I had this idea for the intro a while ago...

It'd be cool if I had a podium or something at my shack where I could add music for people to listen to. ;)
Djanno :smoke:

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