Hard Coded Interactive Tiles

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Hard Coded Interactive Tiles

Post by Keighn » Sun Sep 30, 2007 5:43 am

I've been working on a few tiles and suddenly it was caught by the idea of interacting or a(ctivating) certain tiles.

Off the top of my head here are what we currently have:

Walk ons:

Use items on:
Alchemist Workbench

Look ats: (technically you can look at any item)
Grandfather Clock
Crystal Ball


Locked Doors


I'll check maped again as there might be some I missed. All in all there are not a lot of items that have special functions unless you use some sort of "feature" in the maped section. Here's a few ideas to start us off with.

Wall Torches (I have pics of non lit and an animated version for left/right/and facing toward). The a(acivate) turns it on or off giving regular torch radius from that torch.

Town lamps (I have unlit and an animted unlit) similar to wall torches but with a slightly greater radius.

Fireplace (similar to the above two) Radius similar to lamps.

Stove (I have an unlit stove with just logs and an animated one). This also works similar to torch. Note: if cooking ever gets implemented then you're going to need a fireplace/stove/food rack that is lit to cook the various recipes.

BBQ rack (for lack of better words) Same as the others. I need to work on an unlit one.

Plates on table. I've made some with food and some without. If you activate one with food you obviously eat it turning it into a plain plate. Never cursed unless a value is set to I dunno 0 or something. Nutrients are minimal.

I had thought about actually using various raw meats to be put on an empty BBQ rack (shift U raw meat on rack). Racks with food pic on them already could be activated to eat the food which gives good rating of meat nutrients). Raw meat would be instantly cooked if placed on a heated rack. To get food off of rack S(earch) would take the meat.

Wells. Activating well could bring the bucket up to the top. The bucket would have water. Using some sort of container (flask, vial, portable bucket) on that well bucket would fill up your personal item and leave an empty bucket on the well. Naturally, you'd have to activate the well again to fill the well bucket.

Bellows: I have two graphics for the bellows; one of it up full of air and one of it pushed down simulating its air has been pushed out. It takes two activations to get a full cycle of air pushed out... UP draw air in...DOWN push air out... What's this do?

Forge: I have 4 pics of a forge. The least pic is barely glowing up to the brightest pic which is prime for smelting. Each push down of the bellows brightens the forge by 1 for (10 game clicks or game minutes = 10 IRL seconds). After 10 seconds elapse it glows dimmer by one. So if you managed to get the forge up to its brightest the following would occur: 10 seconds = forge 1 less bright, 10 more seconds = forge even less bright, 10 more seconds+ = the forge is back to its normal state of barely lit.

I know that seems like an awful lot of work to go through just to smelt some ore. But it open the option for items of quality that could be implemented later on. If you just try to smelt ore in a not so hot fire it will be impure and of a rather crappy quality. Weapons/armour made from that ingot(s) will reflect the quality of the smelting. Weapons of Greater quality can only be made from the purest ingots.

Currently barrels, drawers, bookcases, and other various places just serve as decoration. Searching these for mundane items seems kind of interesting to me. I think each sort of furniture might need a different script for what you find by searching the item. Once searched the item rectocks similar to how/when mobs(as in chests) do. This way you could just keep searching an item ad infinitum collecting items (there would be some wait time). Bookcases could have scrolls, quills, and even tomes here and there, paperweights, whatever. Dressers clothes, light armour tops, maybe a few other items. Barrels, crates, could have just about anything. There could even be annoying pests associated with searching items (spider, insects, rat, slime, bunny), low end traps.

Currently only crystal balls affect you if you look. I was thinking that perhaps not every time does it do something. Perhaps the majority of the time it just says "you see a crystal ball."

Walking on:
Ice could be nasty if we ever get seasons. Generally it is slippery and has a percentage chance of forcing you over 1 or 2 squares in the last direction you walked over it. If you ended up on another ice square then it has a chance to continue to make you slip in that direction. Possibilities could end up with you being deposited into water to drown, fall in lava, fall into a chasm, etc..

Shallow water(currently we have deep water and water). You can walk through it but you take drowning damage and it obviously slows you. If swimming skill was implemented then dependant on skill you wouldn't take damage while walking(swimming). And yes you could raft on shallow water.

Blood - disgusting pools of blood that have a chance to make you sick and vomit and blind you as you walk through it.

Sewer Waters - chance to disease and poison you. I'd recommend the disease similar to lump of coal instead of the flesh rot from undead. I love having two types of disease.

Force Field (yellowish) You can't walk through it.
Electrical Field (bluish) Damages you and you can't walk through it.
Fire Field (reddish) Damages you and can walk through.
Sleep Field (purplish/pink) Makes you fall asleep and you can walk through.
Poison Field (green) Poisons you and you can walk through.

Fences - I'm pretty sure you could climb fences in U5. While K(limb) uses a grappling hook I don't see how this could be implemented unless klimb became generic and grappling hooks had to be used or hotkeyed (maybe even shift K). Climbing could lead to a skill if you wanted to have it to where it wasn't exactly easy to do. I'd forsee many maps needing some changes.

Boulders - usage of sledge hammers to have a chance to break into rubble(small rocks). Again like beds and such these would eventually become boulders again like a respawn.

Busting Items - A far off idea about being able to bust chairs, beds, doors, tables into kindling. The only think I could suggest is that certain objects could be attacked like creatures. Perhaps there is a percentage that they are damaged (similar to opening up doors) but instead they take damage. Based on the def and hp of the item they would eventually break. Items would respawn like creatures and are worth 0 xp. If applied to stone walls an such I'd suggest an extremely high def and lots of hp in the 1000s.

I don't have all my note with me so feel free to comment on these or suggest a few of your own.

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Cooking - a form of enchanting...

Post by Dudle » Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:10 pm

Could enchanting be made to include enchanted food, by using an alembic on a stove...and if the right items are in your inventory and your skill is high enough, the item to be made could appear in a list of recipes. Perhaps have recipes another form of 'tome'.

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