Throwing stuff.

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Throwing stuff.

Post by Eidolon » Mon Sep 24, 2007 6:21 pm

If you read the chatlog between me and morth, you'll see lots of talk abt throwing stuff.

Stuff to throw:
scissors? haha

so with this i dont think it'd quite fit to have a whole skill devoted to "throwing" items. maybe rogues with high percentage in ranged skill should get some sort of advantage with throwing things.

weapons --
my idea with throwing weapons would be that you can throw anything. if you're mad you found a mace +8 and not a vamp clay +8, throw it at a fuckin goblin!
but economically speaking, we all know that while raising weaponcrafting (or whatever its called now) to repair your weapons, you make loads upon LOADS of mundane weapons that you just let rot on the ground. how abt instead, we recycle them into something useful like this?
i also figured the only logical way to implement it into euo would be to hotkey it to a # and press the direction you wish to throw the item. everytime you throw something (even if it doesnt hit the target - there should be a def chance of missing - maybe 100% in ranged would give you 99% chance of hitting the target?) it takes one of that item out of your inventory. of course there'd have to be a cooloff like 5 seconds, and probably a cooloff after melee'ing/casting a spell so it doesnt get cheesed.

potions --
like seen in the chatlog: maybe throwing potions at a monster has a chance of hitting them in the eyes or something and "confusing" them (much like the spell). the only difference is that instead of just attacking their fellow monsters, they just attack anything (could be you) thats adjacent to them.


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Post by Rusty76 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 8:10 pm

Throwing weapons would be great, it'd be a good use for all those spare weapons you get from training weaponcrafting. Perhaps a new class of weapons made specifically for throwing could be made and you could make different types of these as you progress through training weaponsmithing. So you'd have throwing knives, throwing axes and other assorted throwing weapons. I know one thing for sure, i dont wanna be on the recieving end of a thrown great maul :)
I kinda thought that throwing potions would cause the effect of the potion to be applied to the person/monster it hit. So if i threw a green potion and hit a monster it might poision them, if i threw a orange it might sleep them, if i threw a khaki... mmm :) This might be good in a positive sense too, if i threw a yellow pot at a party member i could heal him/her from a distance. Or you could throw a blue pot to restore their mana. Obviously there should be a chance that a thrown potion won't effect the person/monster it's thrown at and there should also be a chance that the potion will break in the hand of the thrower and have it's effect on them.

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Post by Keighn » Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:46 pm

Too bad we don't have tomatoes and rotten eggs. FOOD FIGHT!

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