Combat Specials & Conditions

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Combat Specials & Conditions

Post by Keighn » Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:27 pm

While playing and experimenting I've noticed a few conditions in the game that are a tad different. Anyone who has a lump of coal will notice that using it gives you black lung (a temp disease). Notice that the disease is identical to the old disease before the new patch was put in. Thus, in effect the game has two versions of disease. Disease and the plague from undead and eating corpses. I'm pretty sure eating corpses is a temporary condition while plague from undead is permanent. This certainly gives me ideas for the mob thread.

Another little tidbit is about weapon specials. The current specials seem to work pretty well. I wouldn't mind knowing their effects. I can guess and will speculate. I also perused the EFBD thread and will post some of those that were in that game.

Slash (x3 damage)
Gouge (x2 damage that blinds)
Kneecap (x3 damage that slows)
Aimed Shot (x2 damage shot)
Spray n' Pray (Multi shot)???

One little quibble for the pure mace fighter is about Thunderclap! I'm not sure if the effect works as confusion or what. I do know it affects the target creature and any creature in a 1square radius around it (well I theorize). The quibble is why doesn't it do x2 damage vs. the target creature? Creatures are confused(charmed) rarely and it would seem that such a massive blow would do greater damage.

I need to view the other effects on weapons again to put my opinions out for each.

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Post by Aristarch » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:54 pm

Plague contracted from undead isn't permanent - it wears off after some time.

As for specials, they seem to work pretty well now indeed.
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