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Re: Monsters & Mobs

Post by Ozimandias » Sat May 01, 2010 2:10 pm

I love this thread, even though I'm probably not gonna finish reading the bestiary tonight. Extensive as hell, but extensive for a reason.

I read in the first post that this is also open to new mob ideas. Well, I had an idea for the pirates (featured in one of the earlier ultimas you mentioned, I believed)

Lesser Pirate:
-low hp
-melee (weak)

Greater Pirate:
-medium hp
-ranged (as strong as a sling weapon?)
-can cast weak spells

Pirate Captain (may need a different sprite?):
-high hp
-ranged (musket)
-maybe have a very, VERY rare chance to drop a musket weapon?
-can summon a "parrot" (which'd really be a Pheonix)

It's a shame we can't come up with ideas that require a new pic. I had some already drawn up from a while ago (i think i posted them, or not?) that included the pirates as well a parrot graphic amongst a few other mob graphics (colorful piranha, a wierd one-eyed squid thingy, etc.)

I don't know a whole lot on the ultima series, other than a bit of info on 4 and a few others. So lemme know if these ideas are too far out of the ultima lore.
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