2016 NG PVP Tournament

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2016 NG PVP Tournament

Post by Mackey » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:23 am

How it works:

Matches are in round robin format. Everyone fights everyone in their division. You get 2 points for a win, 1 for a loss and 0 for not fighting at all.

1.) Each match consists of 3 rounds. The winner is determined by the best 2 of those 3 rounds.
2.) Each match must have a referee or 2 credible witnesses to verify the fight.
3.) Each match will take place in the Classic Arena.
4.) After the 3 rounds are completed both combatants must submit the results to the armoury page
5.) Victor of the match gets 2 points, vanquished gets 1
6.) If a player can be demonstrated as having declined to fight w/o a valid excuse then the challenger gets 2 points and the defaulter gets 0

1) Once inside the ring, ONLY HEALING (YELLOW+CLEAR) AND MANA (BLUE) POTIONS ARE ALLOWED. No other pots are allowed.
1.2) Buffs are allowed outside the arena, ie pots, fountains, etc. Once you are in the fighting area, any use of pots & VM will be logged. If you use any pot other than yellow or blue, you will lose the current round (or next round if you are not currently fighting).
2) Only 3 heals per round allowed! This includes all healing spells, pots, foods, abilities (except vampyric attacks), etc.
2.1) Only 3x corpses eaten in wolf mode (this is a clarification of rule 2 for those who wish to fight in wolf form)
3) Only 5x of EACH SCROLL is allowed.
4) All Weapons and armour allowed, exluding glass, vintage muskets, TBD
5) Most spells are allowed, ONLY KXC SUMMON ALLOWED (though use of healing spells is governed by rule 2) STONE FORM IS NOT ALLOWED.
6) No pets allowed
7) No use of healing/fire wards or cursed bandages.
8) Breaking any of the rules or leaving the arena during the fight will result in a DQ of the current round (not the entire match)
8.1) Being teleported from arena accidentally due to being "Seized" by a monk will be excused, but the player must return to the arena in a timely fashion. Buffing/healing during this time is not allowed and DQs are at the referee's discretion.
9) Matches involving vampires to be fought at night.

How to submit your match result
After you have fought your 3 rounds and agree on who won and who lost, both combatants must log in to the armoury page, and submit their results via the link at the top of the tournament page HERE: http://euotopia.com/tourneysub.php

It should be pretty self explanatory. You both must first select the character you fought with, then your opponent, then select whether you won or lost, then click submit. When you have both submitted the same result, the match will be finalized and 2 points given to the winner and one to the loser. If you can't agree who won, the match will be flagged as being in dispute, and no body will get any points.

If one player can be proven to have declined a fight (eg as evidenced in chatlogs or screenshots) then the challenger gets the full 2 points and the player who defaults gets 0.

You will be able to submit your results from the time that the tournament opens until the time the tournament ends. Any match results not submitted to the armoury will not be considered, and will not count. It is in your interest to complete your fights on time.

As organised in 2010 by Atraxis and Raiden, revision & automation by egg. 2016 NG revisions by Mackey.

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Re: 2016 NG PVP Tournament

Post by Mackey » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:24 am


I'm all for a NG pvp tournament, and I'd love to have as many people participate and/or offer advice on how it shoud go.

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Re: 2016 NG PVP Tournament

Post by 1[WoWz] » Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:59 am

I would rather see the maximum amount of heals reduced from 3 to 1. It's hard to keep track and you have to rely on refs that can make mistakes.

The amount of people disqualified last PVP tourney because of using an extra mega yellow potion was lame. Let's change it to 1, set up a poll if you want so we can vote proper.

Other than that, the NG server might be the perfect place for PVP tourneys, even monthly. It's easy to get a high powered/maxed out character and you can have a variety of characters as well.

I'd like to see rules for entering multiple characters in a tourney. Maybe different categories: Human Vampire, Non-Human Vampire, Human, and Non-Human. This would let everyone enter up to 4 completely different characters. Maybe a better system could be thought up.
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Re: 2016 NG PVP Tournament

Post by dirtyking » Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:05 pm

no potions how about that

n i like the server that was put in for the last tournament wish is was still playable to practice

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