PD: lvl 50 tournament

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PD: lvl 50 tournament

Post by Tristin » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:22 pm

Ok so here goes nothing a few people plan to make level 50's no higher to compete in series of tourney style battles in the arena. There will be a tourney held every week at some point the details on this will be posted at a later time once we get some activity. There will be prizes donated by people including myself that will include decent enchants, high stat gear , high magic resistance gear and artifacts as to be presented to the winner of the tourney every week. There will be two clans started one led by myself and the other clan will be led by rakko you can choose your side whichever u decide but you can only be on one side. This will be designed so people have a fair fight and no cheesing if you think your being clever and trying to cheat u will be eliminated from the battle and it will count as a loss. Every person will have a double elimination from the tournament, for now we will be doing 1v1 but were hopeing to get clan war's , 2v2 , 1v1 grudge matches. People can choose to bet items at the disposal on other peoples fights , on their own fight's. If anyone can come up with ideas let me know we can expand this even more.

Rules (Tweaks on rules to be added as needed and as i get imput back)
* as a rogue no bsing running away and repeating.
* as a fighter no shield bash.
* as a monk no siezing running away and running back and fourth hitting. (this does not mean seize cant be used it just means u have to be within distance so they can hit you aswell and ur not just getting hits on them and backing up so they cant move)
* as a mage i will set no restrictions at this time until people find ways to cheese the class and if they dont no restrictions will be set.
* no potions besides yellows and browns will be aloud (especially khaki's purple's)
* There will only be 5 heals aloud (yellow pots or Vas mani) no mani will be aloud.
* No block/disarm combo's details by FlamesOfFire will update this soon.
* This is designed to give everyone a chance so play fair dont cheat and have fun.


Tristin's Clan ~
* Tristers
* Fawfcicle
* shadowgoat
Rakko's Clan~
* aik
~anyone can post name if they would like to join and whose side to join thanks for reading. :)

******* Tournement begin's thursday september 6th **********
Time will be discused soon the prize system will be ABC which means the winner /roll's and if the number is 0-33 they get options A. If they roll 34-66 they get option B and 67-100 is option C.

Next Tournament: September 6th
A: chain coif of str + 32
B: frenzy boots (crystal)
C: Blackrock chain leggin's +4 mr

One of these could be for you ;)
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Re: PD: lvl 50 tournament

Post by Keighn » Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:15 am

We going to bring back tournaments?

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