PD weekly ladder - now live!

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Re: PD weekly ladder - now live!

Post by Luxorious » Sun May 18, 2014 2:16 am

Weekly is dead, ideas to promote participation:
-It needs faster xp, maybe as fast as PD or even faster - Why: More people will get 40. I bet many people are like "meh" when there is just one guy 40 and the rest aren't even close - getting prizes requires at least 3 x 40 chars, on different accounts.
-Drops are okay, but it could be even more interesting, you could increase artifact drop rates.
-More phase beasts / hybrids / bosses?
-Maybe different criteria for winning (already suggested many times I bet) - flavor of the week, randomized, who ever gets most skill total in a week, who gets most red dragon kills, who gets most quests done...
-Or even better, and easier to write: Make the server pick 10 "server buffs", 50% chance for negative, 50% chance for positive or make it just choose 5 of both.
Negative effects:
-Mobs have double health
-Mobs do double damage
-Mobs don't drop anything but gear (could be considered negative/positive)
-Mobs have unlimited mana
-Mobs walk 50-100% faster
-Rogue/Assassin mobs who are in stealth placed all over Randomized Sosaria

Positive effects:
-Better artifact drop chances
-More bosses (well, this could be a negative for some)
-All mobs have their treasure tables increase by 1 (depends how your loot architechture is made, but you get the idea)
-Double gold drops
-Bonus xp for certain mobs, like 25% more to all dragons

Overworld generation rules: Maybe we could have randomly different variations. More lava tiles, no water (just make the algorithm replace waters & high seas with mountains or so). Random town could be broken or sieged, so if we have bad luck, Nordhausen is destroyed and there are no npcs left...
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Re: PD weekly ladder - now live!

Post by Keighn » Sun May 18, 2014 6:49 am

Never understood why the LOTL aspect was taken away. I think some of us wanted it to become solid randoms. I made up those towns but you know what would be even better? LOTL yeah, but + escape from the vault. Each person is at the bottom of their own dungeon and has to work their way out to find the others to kill. Dungeons are all random. Maybe keep my town idea since they're pretty generic.

The xp progression is intended to be slow. Its based on how tough of a mob in comparison you are. If you think you can grind minotaurs forever, you won't get too high.

Heck, with 3 continentents that could be randomized you could have a nifty random layer scheme:

s = surface
d= random connecting dungeon
D= random dead dend dungeon
U= underworld
L= Deep underworld near center of the earth
d d d d d d
d d d d d d d

I suppose some hidden towns could be around to camp in.

Yet another option: LOTL gains xp faster. NON gains much slower.

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Re: PD weekly ladder - now live!

Post by KissOfNatas » Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:55 pm

There is still LOTL on weekly

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Re: PD weekly ladder - now live!

Post by eggmceye » Sat May 14, 2016 12:09 pm

this weekend is the last days of old weekly: winner will be declared on monday or whenever it is

then I'll install the new roguelike weekly

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