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Cins New Trade List

Postby CinisterD » Wed Sep 25, 2013 1:23 am

Ok, so its been some time since I made a top priority trade list:


Addy/Vamp/Oak Artifact stave (Or any tint for est walking stick)
Silk Ironfist Cap
Any +9 weapons (for WoT'ing)
Glass/addy Staff, Labrys, Claymore, Great maul +9
Good Glass Enchants
Vamp IJO Fighter weapon
Vamp IJO stave
Crystal Eye of the beholder
Barbed IJO mace (any type of mace)

Snowman (white)
Santas Ring
BoN Guildhall key
Lump Of Coal
Christmas Tree
Christmas Cheese

Any Int +34 or higher
Gold Dragonscale boots

Items I have for trade, and longer list to come soon, I figure this is a good starting point.
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