Rurik Trades.

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Rurik Trades.

Postby Zilverlight » Tue May 14, 2013 2:22 pm

Looking for:
Frederick's Left Hand

Estorrath's Carcenet
Grim Reaper
Chopper (silver)
Triple Crossbow
Nightstalker Cap

Lesser Items for Trade:
Copper Necklace of Attack + 8
Rondel XJ
Main Gauche AEP
Vampyric Dagger + 8
Adamantium Dagger + 7
Barbed Staff + 8
Blackrock Main Gauche + 8
Vampyric Machete + 7

More to come as I find things.

PS: If you want Estorrath's Carcenet you better have something good :P
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