BR/Addy Claymore AEP (MaGeX)

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BR/Addy Claymore AEP (MaGeX)

Postby TheOneGuy » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:12 pm

i want a BR or Addy claymore AEP

i have :
addy staff of leeching +3
NS shirt
heavy addy/BR def gear +5-6
ancient heater
superior shield(s)
fel blade
iron fist cap
dead sun raising (silver)
sin vaarals crystal scepter
Patrick's Spiked collar
warrior band

+30-32 stat gear
+9 weapons (runed ls +9 veno brass knuckles +9 copper flail +9 and tons of no tint ones)
scimitar ijo
runed scimitar AEP
BR katar of leeching +3
crystal ring of hallucination
addy/copper spear VoG
barbed labrys XMP

and thats about it anyone would care about
all i want is a test server for maped then ill be happy ...
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