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Things I want(PD only)

Postby Heniek » Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:31 am

I'm looking for mageband, rogueband, warriorband or estorrath vestments. Here's stuff I can offer:

enchanted weapons:

lucern hammer XJ
flail XJ
hoe XJ
sabre XJ
2x scimitar AEP
kryss XJ
warhammer XJ
bastard sword XJ
kryss IJO
sling XJ
2h axe XJ
short bow AEP
rondel XJ
broadsword AEP
katar IJO
longsword XJ
copper brass knuckles AEP
longsword IJO
silver claymore XJ
great maul AEP
morning star XJ

tinted weapons:

adamantium falchion +6
adamantium kryss +7
adamantium spear +8
barbed 2h axe +7
barbed great maul +6
barbed scimitar +6
barbed short sword +6
barbed short sword +7
barbed lucern hammer +8
2x vampyric lucern hammer +7
vampyric scimitar +7
vampyric rondel +5
vampyric rondel +6
vampyric claymore +7
vampyric tomahawk +6
vampyric halberd +7
vampyric longsword +7
vampyric tomahawk +7
blackrock claymore +5
blackrock labrys +8
blackrock longsword +7
blackrock labrys +7
adamantium short bow +6
barbed broadsword +8
blackrock longsword +8
vampyric longbow +8
vampyric falchion +7
vampyric hatchet +7
adamantium tomahawk +7
barbed cleaver +8

stat gear:

chain boots +30 int
ring +29 int
platemail 29 int
amulet +29 dex
field plate +30 dex
ring +30 dex
necklace +29 dex
gloves +30 dex
amulet +30 dex
2x ring +30 dex
steel ringmail +31 dex
2x amulet +27 str
necklace +28 str
goldweave gi legs +29 str
blackrock necklace +29 str
ring +30 str
darkweave boots +28 int
robe +28 str
chain leggins +30 dex


2x shardcrystal gauntlets
kazaduhm kleaver
shardcrystal greaves
bent buckler
ironfist gi shirt
shardcrystal aegis
sentri's shield
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