key binding guide

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key binding guide

Postby Paru » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:51 pm

So i was talking out how effectively use magery and priest esp when in party. just thought some tips might help out. I'm also open to suggestions.
Most of my characters are casters so i'll cover that stuff first. Early game tools that need directions tend to bind to f keys like butcher knife woodsman axe mining pick... I then start switching to spells that need direction... like IP(i often use f5) and poision wind. J is imj\scroll or imjx I is sl\vsl. 1 to 0 are spells that dont need direction. typically low to high lvl... so on my wiz\necro 1 would e summon undead 2 soul transfer, 3 gp 4 vog 5 death missle. 0 - and = tend to e handy tools like maybe decon for lotl polypile raft and magnifying glass. confuse is around 6 7 to 9 tend to e the circle 8. like i train vamt(8) and CY(0) for my triple caster( + is heal self if priest or shovel if necro and a tool otherwise. * and - tend to tools most often. Again Tipple casters has lots of spells so i xmp on *
I also reserve [] as a daily 2 spells handy... like load and haste. ;' i do more handy just sorter things like maybe unlock and spot traps while ,. to to be less active aoe spells maybe toss a ivpy. I don't play my fighters often but if i have alot of weapon abilities i would stick those on f keys... maye use [ for shield scroll and ] for ghs
This has been very helpful for parties where i would just heal and maybe toss a confusion if it feels needed...

edit: too wide goon see if can trim it to show the full name of items and spells.
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Re: key binding guide

Postby Keighn » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:20 am

Is that a modified screenshot. Looks kinda cool.
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