best hunting grounds

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best hunting grounds

Postby DaDude » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:13 am

I am asking what the best hunting grounds for a lvl 60-70 mage? On the global I always get the answer: Heroic Minos or Heroic Rivers End, but that's not true. When I hunt HM I get about 10-12% to level, but when I do Anathema (normal not the heroic) I get more than 20% after killing all the daemons in suffering/underground-it was more when I was a LVL 50 mage, one or two runs of Anathema always gave me a new level. But it's getting less and less owing to the required points for a new level from 60+.

So, I am too weak to be chasing dragons and still not good enough for the Heroic Ana, but what would you do as a lvl 60-70 mage?

Do HM or HRE all over again and again? That gets boring after awhile :smile: So I'm asking you: is there a place I've missed and you'd suggest?

Thanks all ! :heart:
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