Necromancers ARE LIVE!

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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby EmoMage » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:42 am

bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. stop complaining already.
eggmceye wrote:
ParadoxOfChoice wrote:Zombie using bow/sling probably shouldn't give disease.

the zombies are pulling the arrows out of their ass
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby Keighn » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:13 am

Play one LOTL (Living off the Land). Probably, not too hard to do but try to do one without a single Death! Impossible unless you decide to never kick the cat. Yes, that counts as a death. Necros will never get a perfect LOTL score of 0 deaths (unless you can pet the cat for the same result or bring the cat with you to drumheller and threaten her to give you the spells). MEOW - BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby kyloth » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:48 am

so this forum has not been touched in a while, maybe i can make a spark. i understand you are busy working on the new golem race but i wanted to spout forth the useless crap i imagined over the last twelve pages of this two year old think tank. so to get down to the nitty gritty of it out the base. my suggestion is to keep some of the class but drastically change it to not only make melee and caster builds more balanced to each other but to also allow players a much different ability.

!. my first idea for reworking the necromancers was to simply make lycanthropy and henry's quest part of their quest trail. they can transform for health and dex bonus, then go back to human to cast off int bonuses. but after thinking about it i realized it was kinda crap because it makes hexblades useless, so i thought maybe to allow werewolves to wield hexblades, but that is a crap idea also.

@. my second idea was based on my first idea though. set hexblades to cast spells based on a (at 1%necromancy)20%per hit chance which scales with necro skill (35% at 100%necromancy). rebalance stat usage for melee/hexblades to be 65%STR 34%INT, and make spells scale 34%STR and 65%INT.

#. now here is the kicker. at level one necromancers have a spell that come with the class. First spell allows you to switch back and forth between being alive and being dead. this spell is based off of the lycanthrope engine and is necro available only. when you are dead all your int becomes your str and your str become your int, when alive all your int is your int and all your str is your str. this allows you to build mana squishy caster when alive then turn dead and melee/tank with hexblades and bone armour.

$. spells you cast now consume 10% of casting cost from HP instead of mana. when necromancer is dead it cannot cast spells. when necromancer is alive bone Armour becomes 50% less effective Defense and MR bonuses(base equipment stat doesn't change). when necromancer is dead %chance on hit for hexblade to cast effect is doubled.

%.the re-balancing of the class this way might make for better fighter/priest necro mixes and for better mage/necro mixes. allowing hexblades to be dual wield-able but the offhand has 10%less chance than main hand to cast healing bolt or black lighting(20%less when dead). spell dmg from hexblades are not effected by criticals but weapon damage still is.

^. also adding other weapon effects like unholy fire DoT dmg, or maybe a cursing strike which lowers enemy attack speed and makes casting cooldowns longer.

&. instead of summoning monsters, have a class based pet that you make from bones, corpses, skulls, etc etc. works just like a tamed pet except you craft it at 35% necromancer. keep the giblets but change the level one spell to either scale summoned monsters level to player level, or make summoned monster always be the same monster and give it bonuses based on your int/str. if you are dead your summoned pet/monster is a caster mage and if you are alive your pet is a fighter skeleton. pet levels with you like a tamed pet. dunno didn't think about that last one all too much.

i love the necro spell book, and i do like the necromancer the way it is, i was just thinking maybe even if these suggestions are not usable for the necromancer, they would be considered in the making of a new or different class (Lich Paladin or Blackguard). anyway. my two cents, hope i spark a useful idea!, cant wait to hear back from ya egg!
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby kyloth » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:15 am

in reply to myself i would like to make some additions and addendum to what i have said in the aforementioned article of brain spew.
other ideas for stat balancing are

45%/10%/45% scrap the alive/dead thing, just scrap all that spunk.

30%/20%/50% keep the part about hexblades chance on hit spell-casting except make the spells cast when critical only and which spell is cast is based on what peices of bone armour you have equpped (each bonecraftable armor has a hexblade possible effect attached). also this balance opens doors for rogue, monk, fighter, and priest cross classing.

15%/15%/70% make hexblades able to dual wield. Allow melee damage and critical with hexblades only to scale with INT instead of STR or DEX. maybe lycanthropy can be a castable necromancer spell which lasts for 15 minutes.

More hexblade spell ideas.
Infliction, inflicts disease and poison .
Butchers Cleave, causes bleed damage and slow.
Blacken Heart, changes enemies target to closest target that is not you, if no other enemies within 2 squares targets self, for the next 6 seconds.
Weaken, lower melee attack damage/defense/MR -15% for one minute.
Nether Strike, deal bonus shadow damage based on INT
Unholy Fire, deal damage over time based on int.
GraspofDeath, Instant Kill (very rare)
DeadEye, next 4 attacks have +20% chance to critical. effect ends after 2 successful hexblade casts. (note, hexblade spells should be random and cast every time the character crits.)

another bonecrafting/hexblade idea
HexWands work like bows but with hexblade crit ability, damage scales off int. dual wield capable but both fire at same time and having a second wand slows time between shots, offhand deals less damage and lower chance to crit... bone crafting/dark ritual to create from rod or staff ect. ect.

Before i get into a list of ideas of what the spells are or what they do, i think once you reach 100% necromancy you should be able to cast two divine spells OR two sorcery spells of the necromancers choosing.

some simple spell ideas for necromancer book V

Single Monster Summon: summons one monster who's base stats are based on your str+dex+int/3 average. divided as 33%/33%/33% and necromancy % give bonuses at your discretion.

Void: 2 square line from caster effected for 30 seconds dealing damage scaled on 50%INT every 5 seconds until 90%necromancy then every 3 seconds. cannot be cast on doors or bridges. if wall only 1 square is created, if no space, spell casts on two spaces opposite of caster at random instead of failing. 29 second cool down.

Ray of Death: deals a 6 square line of damage to first target it hits for shadow damage based on INT. has a 35% chance to slow 50% for 6 seconds or a 5% instantly deal 666 bonus damage

Recomosition: single target. whenever an enemy hits you with a physical attack, regain 15% of the damage as mana. lasts 1 minute.

Consume Self: sacrifice 30% of your total mana to regain 20% of your total hp.

Battle-Casting Stance: ALL damage taken and given is reduced by 35%. every time you cast a necromancy spell or get a critical hit with a Hex or Bone weapon, heal for 2% of your current HP.

Vile-Stance: Increase All damage given and received by 20%. casting necromancy spells or a critical hit with a Hex or Bone weapon will heal your for 4% of your current HP.

Command Stance: gain 35%of your pets total health added to your total health while your pet is alive and this stance is active. all damaged received by your pet is increased by 10%. every time your pet gets a critical hit or casts a spell, regenerate 1% of your total HP

Reset Stance
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby kyloth » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:02 pm

Essentially the reason i am suggesting such a drastic overhaul of the class is based on on what i have seen of playability and synchronization with party members. it is also in the total needs of the player being met and the standards of the class effectiveness and versatility or ability to focus and specialize.

from what i have seen hexblades have serious issues. first they are hard to obtain and make, even after creation you need a 90 skill to use which takes forever to reach. because the class focuses of its spells and the obtaining of the spells through quest lines INT becomes the most important stat easily, leaving little room for melee attacks, STR or DEX at all. most people who play necro's prefer a staff over the hexblade because the low str and dex make the hexblade (pardon my french) piss poor weak and ineffective leading to the player to rely on the staff and the three good spells from the 8 in the book.

as for the spells aspect. obviously the necro's spells (corpse explosion and HOB mainly) are the most reliable way to run a necro and they overshadow any usefulness the hexblades might have. the early spells get unusable by the time you remort. most of the other spells dont scale very well and essentially you spend your entire time as a necromancer using three spells, giblet, corpse exploder, HOB... you balance mainly in INT, ignore hexblades for a staff, and only get 3 good spells. might as well go play a mage. the lag with summons is unbearable and the erratic nature of the monster strength makes summoning minions a craps shoot that stops working entirely by level 100. all in all there are many ways the class can still be improved to better work solo, with a team, and find effectiveness of the whole system.

I apologize if anything i said here was rude or hurtful, i just want to offer my criticism and hope it is constructively received for the betterment of the class the game and the community.
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby Rumper » Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:59 am

Nice post! Enjoyed the possibilities. Bone armor + high str gives tons and tons of HP. So maybe dex/int for hexblades.
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Re: Necromancers ARE LIVE!

Postby treos » Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:58 pm

i have returned...and no new updates after this long vacation from euo. o_O

also, it seems necro summon spam and hail of bones remain super lag inducing. then again, i switched from golem to necro so now it's other peoples problem when grouping with me.
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