Make Dexterity Good Again

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Re: Make Dexterity Good Again

Post by SanJorge » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:05 am

Ranged is perfect : crazy damage (you dont need a musket , use XBow) and you can use it with the F key ( if you use a shield you need to bind a 1 handed ranged weapon to a key).
Do i need to mention that it has awesome specials ?.

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Re: Make Dexterity Good Again

Post by newmagna » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:45 am

Personally, i think capping the effect of dex at all doesnt make any sense, cause if i invest every point i have into dex i should get returns. Maybe get diminishing return as it gets higher.
Lava and water walk is sick, let me be a ninja.
Re:magic, maybe increase the mana regen rate like a lesser vigor? Tho that would mean you would need to buff vigor too, which i dont think many people use? Make it cumulative?
Increase walking and attack speed, please.
Re:dodging spells, make it so the casters int contests the dodgers dex.
What if you add range to ranged for higher amounts if dex(in the 1000 dex ballpark, you get one more square, another at 2500, etc).
Re:mounts just... Make better mounts? So what if sone become obsolete as the players level up, that just means the player is being rewarded for getting this far.
As an aside, monk idea: a special attack:machine gun strike that makes an extra number of attacks depending on your dex, basically flurry for unarmed(i know this should probably go into a monk thread or w/e but felt it should be fine here).
Have dex improve the chance of activating wound poison and confusion. Maybe make it so enchanted weapon procc more often?
Rogue stance: increases dodge but you cant move, duration increases with dex

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Re: Make Dexterity Good Again

Post by DUTCHMAN » Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:32 am

Ya i think dex needs to be shaken up alittle.

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