RFC - Guilds

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RFC - Guilds

Post by Keighn » Wed May 24, 2017 11:17 pm

I was sitting under one of my trees in the field thinking of euo. And then i was thinking of the days i used ol MIB as a sort of personal storage before finally getting a house. Hell, prolly why i got mad was i put ownership on materials and items when its supposed to be a team resource. Made me think that isnt that what most players do; HOARD?!?

Guild status and points seem to become useless in many games unless there is a benefit. Take out roleplaying abd camraderie of friends and it just becomes a map get together that slowly fades to empty halls. As a game is abandoned the same goes but especially for guild halls.

Some map makers put in secrets:
Portals to other maps (shortcuts)
Fountains (esp if map is made DUNGEON for dipping items)
Anvils / braziers (crafting)
Chests (hoarding mats/gear) mentioned earlier
Now barrels for food
Sometimes monsters (esp for rare materials)
Merchants though usually a Banker.
Player merchants spots (another nigh abandoned avenue due to gold barely worth its value except prestige - i could argue that buying mats and some items are faster)
Cooking stoves (found everywhere like anvils/braziers)
If map is made continent or programmed right good for fishing/lava fishing/lumberjacking trees/mining/and even searching mandrake-nightshade.
Gardening and brewing is a possibility i havent seen map makers utilize in guilds... Or maps besides personal housing.

A lot of thought needs to be put in building a hall just on those merits alone. Obviously a unique drawing design that grasps the player with awe and pride is a great value. But is any of that enough?

Why not just hoard in a house and buy similar furniture to do the above if possible? Generally people are either cheap or cant afford the irl $$ to do such. Adamantium coins help and now winning MONTHLY ladder by completing it is an option.

I still look on some games and wonder about bonuses for being in a guild esp with a hall. What NEW options might work and maybe even draw people back to the game (a different topic since grinding in any fashion becomes boredom and naseaous or intoxicating into falling asleep at keyboard).

So lets look at rankings. Many guilds ranked by level and members activity. I dont know the formula but not being active drops your rank and score. What good is the score? Well, nothing but prestige atm. It used to save the guilds ass for keeping a hall with option to fight for it (fun in the days of pvp and desperation but players are needed and EUO is lacking). Plus, hurt feelings and nostolgia of old maps disappearing from play (SPAM, SPT, MOO, etc). Not deleted but just not able to visit.

Ideas of bonuses was looked at for rankings:
Elemental resistance
Elemental or special damage (like aspects or tints) stacked with your own weapons/abilities
Stat bonuses
Skill bonuses
Ac or damage reduction

Thats fine for those that can stay on leader board but not great for those who cant compete. And score by level alone and activity is easy enough with the right recruiting. Pity other methods wouldnt work like clan pvp battles in ctf maps (red/blue stratego). Or from resources maintained, gold collected in treasury, items crafted in hall, monsters defeated in clan party, etc.

Brings a more squad based reason to clan around. (I have my views on parties and its not always kind.. Old arguments).

What of the hoarding and why? House (yessss my precioussssss stuufffzzzzz.. You NO TOUCH!) or hall (meh who cares about those other wankers.. Imma loot this bitch and screw them).

Yeah... The problem. Well think of games like Heroes of Might and Magic? Suppose resources grew in greater abundance if special containers were crafted. Now i could get real crazy on design ideas but lets keep it simple at first. Say you have a lumber box (any lumber) and its design nets a +% per game day (minimum 1 of each type log in there). Not bad esp if no guild mems are on.
Same sorts for:
Even maybe scrolls, potions, etc.

A more complex system would be different where containers of this sort must be crafted by rare materials. Some tints might not be allowed until an upgrade was added or built anew. Not all chests being equal.

Comes down to the schematics and programming done and suggested by others. Its a pipe dream but for designers who look at Euo and other such games it gives ideas. Id say best of luck in anyone trying to attempt such features that can compete and continually draw new and old players.

Comment and brain storm more below. I didnt even talk about in guild positions or keys and access.

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Re: RFC - Guilds

Post by Keighn » Wed May 24, 2017 11:29 pm

I was going to get into wishing wells, fountains, magic glens, portals, libraries, military, constructable/destroyable walls and sieges, npcs attracted, retainers, and look to other suggestions i skipped or forgot.

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