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Re: Artifacts

Post by Keighn » Mon Aug 29, 2016 7:24 am

By request in game: le bump. Which should have been part of RFC but eh...

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Re: Artifacts

Post by newmagna » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:43 am

Could the +10 weapons also be enchanted? But instead of VF we get that one priest spell *searches on manual* FG or maybe we could get OG +5 and VOG +10.

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Re: Artifacts

Post by Zilverlight » Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:48 pm

I've been tinkering with the artifacts part of the text files. Trying to think of ways to improve our current artifacts to make them more useful and wanted. While doing this, what I noticed was the most wanted artifacts all had 1 thing in common. Massive MR boost. The basic weapons are so... pointless. 20 stats is hardly anything, and the +7 AS when most players get to +9 fairly quickly? The increase in stats isn't worth the +2 AS, and the only positive side to those artifacts is that you can wield them before an ordinary +7 weapon.

I also noticed that while we have Ironfist (Monk), Frenzy (Offensive Fighter), Nightstalker (Rogue), and Shardcrystal (Defensive Fighter) sets, we don't have one for mages (Estorath's Vestments doesn't count) so I created one based around the others. I then tried to make each set unique. Giving it one or two more effects that would benefit the playstyle.

Weapons just needed to be revamped. I liked many of Mackey's ideas on the weapons, and think that each weapon should give it's own unique bonus to make them even more different.

The MR (Most Wanted Artifacts) don't really need to be changed. There's a reason they are the most wanted.

A few other artifacts stuck out that could be altered. There were a few more (Thinking Cap, I have my eyes on you) but I left them out. Seemed to be more of a joke item like Boots of Blinding Speed and not worth working on atm.

For each artifact grouping, I'll try to explain what's been changed.

Class Sets

All these set pieces have had their stat portion increased and balanced. All MR has been moved onto the torso and legs to prevent wearing pieces from multiple sets (Shardcrystal is heavy so can only be worn by fighters or priests, thus the gauntlets being worth allowing them extra MR) All head pieces give NV, and for several sets, the defense has gone up. Each set also now has an extra effect on gloves and boots.

I left an empty slot for improvements on each set's torso piece. Maybe another effect or buff that could help make each set unique.

name -------------------------level -------notes
Ironfist_cap------------------125--------def 5, str 35, nv 5
Ironfist_gi_shirt -------------125--------def 6, mr 6
Ironfist_gloves---------------125--------as 9, str 35, ench(VOG)(OG4)
Ironfist_gi_pants------------125--------def 5, dex 35, mr 5
Ironfist_sandals -------------125--------def 5, dex 35, vig 15
Full Set: Def 21, AS 9, NV 5, Str 70, Dex 70, MR 11, Vig 15, Ench (VOG)(OG4)
Ironfist gives monks decent defensive stats, and increases damage potential with an additional enchant on the gloves

Frenzy_coif-------------------125--------def 5, str 35, nv 5
Frenzy_shirt------------------125--------def 7, mr 7
Frenzy_gloves----------------125--------def 5, str 35, rage gen
Frenzy_leggins---------------125--------def 5, str 35, mr 3
Frenzy_boots-----------------125--------def 5, dex 35, speed
Full Set: Def 23, NV 5, Str 105, Dex 35, MR 10, Speed, Rage Generation
Frenzy is for the offensive fighter, giving rage generation and movement speed to increase the damage they can dish, while giving good defensive stats.

Nightstalker_cap-------------125--------def 4, dex 35, nv 5
Nightstalker_shirt------------125--------def 5, mr 7
Nightstalker_gloves----------125--------def 4, str 35, att speed
Nightstalker_leggins---------125--------def 4, dex 35, mr 3
Nightstalker_boots-----------125--------def 4, dex 35, stealth move speed
Full Set: Def 21, NV 5, Str 35, Dex 105, MR 10, Stealth Move Speed, Attack Speed
Nightstalker helps rogues dish out even more damage and a bonus for the unseen movement with mediocre defensive stats.

Shardcrystal_helm-----------125--------def 5, str 35, nv 5
Shardcrystal_aegis-----------125--------def 8, mr 8
Shardcrystal_gauntlets------125--------def 5, str 35, mr 4
Shardcrystal_greaves--------125--------def 7, str 35, mr 3
Shardcrystal_boots-----------125--------def 5, dex 35, dmg resist
Full Set: Def 30, NV 5, Str 105, Dex 35, MR 15, Damage Resist
Shardcrystal is the tanky set, boasting the highest defense from all the sets, along with a slight damage reduction.

Archon_cap--------------------125--------def 3, int 35, nv 5
Archon_robes-----------------125--------def 4, mr 5
Archon_gloves----------------125--------def 3, int 35, vig 20
Archon_slacks-----------------125--------def 3, int 35, mr 3
Archon_slippers --------------125--------def 3, int 35, vig 15
Full Set: Def 18, NV 5, Int 140, MR 8, Vigour 35
Archon is the glass cannon mage set with low defensive stats but the stats to help deal massive damage over and over again


Weapons have all been increased to +9 weapons, and stats maxed out to 35 (yes one + less than the current max, but the +9 as well makes it worth it)

I also wanted each weapon to have a unique effect that makes each one better at something than others. Dragontooth is a new artifact Dagger i threw in.

name level notes
Kazaduhm_Kleaver----------100--------as 9, str 35, increased damage to goblins and orcs or large humanoid mobs (ettins, ogres, trolls...)
Chopper-----------------------100--------as 9, str 35
Legend------------------------100--------as 9, str 35
Dragonskewer----------------100--------as 9, str 35, increased damage to dragons
Rhinemaiden's_Salad_Fork-100--------as 9, str 35
Dirge---------------------------100--------as 9, str 35
Dead_Sun_Rising-------------100--------as 9, str 35
Marsha's_Mallet--------------100--------as 9, str 35
Vorpal_Blade-----------------100--------as 9, str 35, small chance of instant kill
Ripley's_Claw-----------------100--------as 9, str 18, dex 17, def 7
Facewound--------------------100--------as 9, str 18, dex 17, def 7
Bushmaster-------------------100--------as 9, dex 35, backstab never fails
Yew_longbow-----------------100--------as 9, dex 35
Triple_Crossbow--------------100--------as 9, dex 35, shoots 3 bolts, decreased attack speed
Old_Bandage------------------100--------as 9, dex 35
Rapier_Wit--------------------100--------as 9, dex 35, increased riposte chance
Dante's_Ruin------------------100--------as 9, dex 35
Noble_Foil---------------------100--------as 9, dex 35, increased parry chance
War_Staff----------------------100--------as 9, int 35, increased melee damage
Bent_Leg----------------------100--------as 9, int 35
Thundercracker--------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(VOG)
Grim_Reaper------------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(KXC)
Hoe_Of_Destruction---------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(FG)
Bonecrusher-------------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(IVPY)
Flail_of_Skulls----------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(CP)
Soulstealer--------------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(IMJ)
Magebane---------------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(IJO)
Flamberge---------------------100--------as 9, str 35, ench(VF)
The_Long_Kiss_Goodnight--100--------as 9, str 18, dex 17, ench(AEP)
Frederick's_Right_Hand-----100--------as 9, dex 35, ench(XJ)
Frederick's_Left_Hand------100--------as 9, dex 35, ench(AEP)
Keller_Shank------------------100--------as 5, dex 35, ench(IVPY)(VOG)(XJ)
Dragontooth------------------100--------as 9, dex 35, increased damage to dragons

MR Artifacts

These are the Most Wanted artifacts. The stat portion has been raised to par with the rest of the artifacts, but have largely been left the same.

name level notes
Warriorband------------------100--------str 35, as 5, mr 10
Rogueband--------------------100--------dex 35, as 5, mr 10
Mageband---------------------100--------int 35, as 5, mr 10
Estorrath's_Vestments------125--------int 35, mr 15
Patrick's_Spiked_Collar-----100--------dex 35, mr 5, nv 5
Estorrath's_Carcenet--------100--------int 35, mr 5, vig 15
Golwid's_Obsidian_Charm--100--------str 35, mr 5, def 5

Other Notable Pieces

These are some other artifacts that were hidden in the shadows of the others they seemed to be similar to. They just lacked the MR bonus everyone wants. Instead of giving them MR, I've buffed each with additional AS (Except Swampies) and raised their stats as well

Honor is usually envisioned by a guard or shield. Something defensive. I added a dmg resist buff for this reason.
Sacrifice seemed an easier one to buff. Sacrifice life for damage. That necklace will increase your damage, while dealing damage to you with each attack you make.
Justice is more on the offensive. While I can't simply increase damage, as it would make Sacrifice useless. Instead, it acts as Diamond, allowing the user to pierce more defense or mr, able to deal full damage more easily.

name level notes
Greyson's_Signet_Ring------100--------as 9, str 35, def 5
Virgil's_Signet_Ring---------100--------as 9, int 35, vig 15
Oenishi's_Signet_Ring------100--------as 9, dex 35, nv 5
Necklace_of_Honor---------100--------as 7, int 25, str 25, dmg resist
Amulet_of_Sacrifice--------100--------as 7, dex 25, str 25, increase damage but take damage with each attack
Pendant_of_Justice---------100--------as 7, int 25, dex 25, increased armor/mr piercing
Swampies---------------------100--------def 7, mr 5, dex 35

These staves I only increased the stats. Otherwise, the trade-off of MR instead of AS is a good idea.

name level notes
Estorrath's_Walking_Stick--100--------vig 20, mr 5, int 35
Mariah's_Staff----------------100--------vig 20, mr 5, int 35

There are many of these that could use more thoughts on. Is 35 stat too much? is it not enough? Should weapons give +30 str, +10 dex instead of just +35 str for a fighter weapon or should they just be left at 35 stat?

The most important thing is to look at what is currently in the game, and altering that instead of just adding in a lot of new stuff that will make everything else obsolete.
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Re: Artifacts

Post by EmoMage » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:17 am

as some of that is neat/cool, i just think it's impractical. That's a lot of rework and rewrite to make it all work right, especially for items that have already been dropped and sitting in player houses/chests. Making the level requirement level 100 or higher for everything i think is rediculous, too. by the time you get that high, you're already looking for certain peices and you already know what you want. at level 70 (if i remember correctly), where you can start wearing these items now, is more of a level in which you should be able to start wearing them. You need the boosts because you're still low level, but not high enough level to wear the good shit. That level 70 range, i don't give a fuck what server you're on, is a pain in the dick to level anyway. So it's nice to have artifacts as an alternative to have something to use and wear.

My 2 cents on the whole artifact thing. Why does every artifact have to have a certain set stat? There's many games that I have played over the years where I have one item, and a friend has the same item, but some of the stats are slightly different. You have the ability to make maps random, why not make artifacs random?

wearables = anywhere from (27-36 stat), (4-8 mr), (4-6 nv), (5-7 def), and/or (8-16 vigour) -MAX 3 PERKS PER ITEM
weapons (and if gloves) = anywhere from (8-10 as) stats don't really matter on a weapon at all but (27-36 stats), (vig, nv, def, mr all kinda useless on a weapon, so i don't know if that's even worth looking into), and/or even a possible enchant on any weapon. (keller shank, Esto Stick, and Mariah's could all be exceptions of this rule, and maybe even freds left/right hands...or throw them into the list. as nice as the stats are on Esto and Mariahs, they're kinda useless with no AS on them, keller shank included) -MAX UNKNOWN (there at least needs to be AS on all weapons.
jewelry = nothing's off the table with jewelry. (27-36 stat), (5-10 mr), (4-7 nv), (8-16 vigour), (8-10 AS), (defense is useless on jewelry IMO), and even a possible enchant of any kind- tho maybe not, cause i'm not sure how that'd work anyway. -MAX 3 PERKS PER ITEM
shields = anywhere from (5-10 mr), (5-7 def), (27-36 stats), (8-16 vigour) -MAX 3 PERKS PER ITEM

now that all this is out there, can we even do randoms on weapons?
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Re: Artifacts

Post by Zilverlight » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:27 am

It's not as impractical as you think. The glass coin artifacts in Nordhaven are level 25 and 50 requirements. I played a monk and by the time I reach level 50, I'd have 2 pieces, maybe a 3rd. it takes that long to get them. and once I do get them, they're not very useful. I agree we do need some gear to fill the void between level 30 and 125 where it's a pain in the butt to hunt because you're not strong enough to solo waves of dragons, but minotaurs are just not hitting it for you. (Daemon's are a great alternative, but you end up wearing full MR gear for them anyways and that drops from everything)

The problem is that 90% of the player base is either A) already high level and tier, or B) already has a bunch of artifacts to choose from, which is why raising the level means you have to wait longer to choose what you want when playing new characters. However, how many artifacts would a standard player be able to get by the time they reach level 100? The drops are not so common, as they shouldn't be, but there's a problem when you see an artifact drop and you're first thought is "Oh... yeah. Another piece to sit on display at home" because they're all worthless. There are only 7-9 artifacts that are sought after. We need to change that.

The code for these items in the future is easy, I've already changed most of the coding except the special ones like "dmg resist" and "more damage to goblins/orcs" etc... The rest, could possibly be transfered by a merch in nord or somewhere. Merchant checks items sold to it by name. If name is "Chopper": give player New "Chopper". Shouldn't be too difficult, but I do understand it's not something done in 5 seconds either.

This could also just go into affect and cause new artifacts to drop as higher. Everything else becomes legacy content.

That said, I completely agree with your randomized loot. Maybe not artifacts per say, but pseudo-artifacts. Not as rare, but not common.
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Re: Artifacts

Post by Keighn » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Call em Relics.

Having played tons of LOTL alts theres only a few artis one wants. Still, on weekly you take anything and everything. Tbh there, MR becomes less of an issue compared to stat gear. Haven't played reg in ages so you might be right but there are less players all around and virtually no player merchs. You take what you can get and learn as you go. First artifact you'll savor and probably chuck on an alt if you can't use it. Artis generally become mythic material (or mystic or astral w/e).

High stats would probably dissuade one from deconning them. I always hoped for unique abilities on artifacts instead of just an ench, stat, def, as bonus. If say dragon slayer caused x2,x3 dmg vs dragons no onw would bitch its only +7. If vorpal blade had small chance to insta-kill same thing.

I've read of other games where certain items are better than set, artifacts, etc. Hell, diablo 1-3 was like that at times esp mods.

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