The level cap.

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Re: The level cap.

Postby 1[WoWz] » Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:15 am

Keighn wrote:Content can be a bit of a problem. Making a map can end up a few ways.

1. Big and colorful and rather empty (more of a flower show)
2. Same as above with lots of written content (again more of a flower show but you have to really explore and use look and other commands)
3. A simple grindfest from beginning to end.
4. A grindfest with a good loop to do it again and again and again.
5. 3 or 4 with some mega bosses.
6. A Puzzle map utilizing your brain and well placed switches and patterns of using things or killing x to get further in the map.
7+ Some sort of combination of the above.

Naturally its nice to have a story line and more in a map but even drawing maps on paper (unless you just absolutely are in the zone) can be tedious. Filling it in with mobs and events and colorful text is even more taxing. One might get burnt out fast on grinding but the constructors can get burnt out even faster esp if they believe no one will appreciate the entirety of the map (and as P&P D&D simple map maker of yesterday I can say you usually want all your content explored)

I'm rather pleased EUO has all the maps that it does (although I do miss scrolling off a map in a horizontal fashion (no gauntlet maps I guess where red warrior can eat all the food).

I'd like to see in-game generated, user created dungeons made in the same way houses are. Also, randomly generated dungeons are cool if they're easy to get to and have fun creatures to hunt (minotaurs, imps, daemons, dragons, shadows, bloods) and their heroic counterparts.

I have a pretty good idea for the level cap problem. At level 450 on regular or level 1000 on PD, characters should be converted to a No Grind character but stays on the same server. The character can only gain more stats by buying an addy coin item/crystal coin item to increase their stat cap by 100 (this should cost like 50 addy coins or 75 crystal coins). They still have to gain these stats just like a no grind player does.
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Re: The level cap.

Postby 1[WoWz] » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:16 am

Another idea, once the level cap is hit, a player could still level but there are no stat increases. Instead there could be options to increase things like: HP, Mana, class cap, crit chance, faster rage gain, hp/mana regen, spell/special ability damage/effects, etc.

This could be done by leveling up at certain shrines in the underworld that are only accessible to players at the level cap. Heck, even charge addy coins or crystal coins for using them, it will make people do the daily quests (or donate to the game).
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Re: The level cap.

Postby Holdway » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:05 pm

Is there ever a legitimate reason to use the shrines of Sagacity and Vitality, or does this always weaken your character? If so how about making them only usable for level 450 + and then as 1 says add in some underworld shrines for things like MR, Vigour, Crit Chance etc.

Another alternative if the biggest reason for keeping the level cap is the concern of game development being outpaced by player levelling, is to have unlimited remorts available each time you hit 450. Have the remort give a slight stat increase, along with a small class skill cap increase to reward the player for their hard work.

This way those who enjoy playing the game by growing their character get a huge increase to the room for character development, and there is a lot less pressure on high end game content creation to keep pace with players levelling.

Either way, in my opinion the level cap is doing more harm than good.
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Re: The level cap.

Postby Luxorious » Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:16 pm

I don't play reg at all, so it doesn't really concern me, but here are my two squirrel skins:

If you want to be more powerful, play PD. I remember egg saying that.
I don't see problem in gaining levels, but getting more powerful after 450 might be a problem, so:
-After 450, you could get null level ups which do not increase your stats at all. I'm not sure if any game formula uses character level for any calculations, but if some do, it should be fixed to consider lvl >450 = 450. You could still grind levels, and show off how tough you are to grind like level 500 or more without gaining power for those level ups.
Also, these "null level ups" could be used as a restriction for future (high end) content. However, since not everybody likes grinding insane levels, there would be an argument because those who don't meet the level required couldn't explore the new content - but that's not an argument in my opinion. It's like level 10 player whining about not being able to clear Minotaur Halls.

TLDR: I think a good middle ground would be to allow people gain level ups without increasing anything or with minimal increases:
After hitting 450, you gain a passive skill called Heroism, Battle Trance, whatever. That skill would increase your max hp by 1 per levels gained after 450. Even simpler would be to allow players over 450 to use 5 stat points every 10 levels, examples.
When you reach 460, your stats are lvl 450 but you get 5 stat points when you hit 460 (that's 0.5 stat points every level).
HP and MP shouldn't increase at all on level ups, only when you spend those stat points.

It doesn't have to be "power" either. Maybe reward players with "vanity coins" (1 for each level after 450) which can be used to purchase vanities, like glow effects, skins maybe and so on. However, I think that kind of vanity stuff should be for "vanity coins" only, not for addy coins - keep them separate.

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Re: The level cap.

Postby Celerion » Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:09 am

Went to 450 a few weeks ago. Did another BM-run with a party, but realized, it just doesn't make sense any more.
It's a bit like graduating high school or something: You're beyond it afterwards, no way to turn back.
So relating to the game the level cap is quite like "Game over". At least, that's how I feel at the moment.
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