RFC - SKILLS (keighn's meditation post)

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Postby Turtle » Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:52 pm

Keighn's meditation post reminds me of a super saiyan powering up. Very enthused!
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Postby treos » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:32 pm

nice idea for meditation improvements, especially since as-is the skill doesn't do much and is easily replaced right from the get go by potions/bandages... unless your a golem on alpha then its just meditate and/or regen like half-orcs do, i think golem repair kits but i haven't tried those yet. still that could make this more useful at least.
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Postby Mackey » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:28 am

Yes, meditation overhaul now please. Love the "awareness" and charging up ideas :)
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Postby Keighn » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:29 pm

I wonder if I should have went orange. I could always redo that gfx I guess. Do you want flowing yellow hair instead of that Krillin do?
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Postby Rumper » Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:04 pm

Possible new skills that could be implemented :)

Beastmastery - This skill allows you to get 1 more pet out and increases its stats based on your stats, lvl and skill. Combination attacks would be nice aswell :)
Trapping - Places traps made by tinkering and alchemy for widespread destruction.
Shapeshifting - Let's you transform into any animal aslong as you have met certain preconditions/trials. e.g. Killing 100 goblins, taming a werewolf, completing a certain quest, get hit by the same mob for 100 times.
Singing - You empower your voice to certain effects like DoT, confusion, spontaneous combustion, echolocation, resonance, etc.
Masochism - You enjoy being hit which amplifies your mana gain midcombat.
Nature's call - Make magical seeds which can apply debuffs, leech life/mana, grow obstacles, etc.
Machinery - You are able to make modern machines and weapons of mass destruction
Bloodmagicks - You pay for highly destructive spells with your hp and mana.
Idling - You harness the powers of the AFK to protect you against all status effects and hunger!
Running - You are able to sprint beyond known speeds.
Pottery - Make new artistic pots :)
Siren's voice - You imitate long lost siren voices to doom people!
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Postby Keighn » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:28 pm

Some of that sounds interesting for a new class.

We're still short of
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Postby newmagna » Sun Dec 11, 2016 11:24 am

I like the "charging up" idea, but I don't think it connects thematically with the meditation. Monks spend their entire lives perfecting the art of emptymindednes, the disconnection as well as the deepening of the connection with material, the minds eye, the self knowlege and self awareness, and some achieve a certain enlithenment through it. I propose having the meditation skill give you PERMANENT bonuses depending on it's skiill level and you % as a monk( I hate the % class system and would suggest something else noramally, but for now it will do) so those that spent all that time and went through the arduous task of achieving 100 med recive bonuses NV, ST, DEX, INT, MR, VIG, even Regen and UA Def, in addition to your battle awareness idea. To balance it out the gains could start out slow, as well alternating each other, and then grow exponentially:
Lvls 1-10 +1 str, dex, nv, mr and +25 MP
Lvls 11-20 +2 str, dex, mr and +3 UA def
Lvls 21-30 +2 str and dex, +7 mr, +50HP, +1 vig
Lvls 31-40 +2 str and dex, +7 UA def, +1 NV
Lvls 41-50 +3 str and dex, +10 UA def, +15 mr +75 MP
Lvls 51-60 +5 str, dex and int, +1 NV, +125 HP, +3 vig
Lvls 61-70 +5 str and dex, +10 int, +50 MR, +12 UA def
Lvls 71-80 +7 str and dex, +12 int, +100 MP, +1 NV, +4 vig
Lvls 81-90 +8 str and dex, +13 int, +13 UA def
Lvls 91-99 + 10 str and dex, +20 int, +60 MR, +1 NV, +7 vig, +150 HP
Lvl 100 You gain the skills: Ascetic( can last longer with out food), Flow Augment(Pretty much the "charge up" skill, but it does NOT count as if you were meditating), Minds Eye( dodge rate and magic resist increase), Dragon's Soar( Super buff, consumes all the caster's MP, Last for fifteen seconds, affected by aspect).
The final sum of stats is: +35 str and dex, + 60 int, +5 NV, +135 MR, +45 UA def, +200 MP, +325 HP, +15 vig.
Does this look OP? Yes. Does it need tweaking? Maybe. I kinda like the concept, though.
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Postby Zilverlight » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:28 pm

My name is Desmond, and I approve this message. :aus:

Great idea on meditation. Not OP, but promotes usefulness during/on-the-edge-of combat.

Someone in another thread had mentioned (I believe in reference to Rangers) a pseudo-scavenger skill that, as increased, could increase chances to find monster parts such as Minotaur Hearts or Shadow Horns? I think this would be a great skill if more could be done with it? Possibly increased chance for loot from chests or monsters in addition? If not a class specific skill, additional "monster parts" could be made and these monster parts "identified" or "studied" that could increase damage to and decrease damage from specific monsters? up to a cap of 5%?

Kill enough dragons for hides, study the hide and learn a weak spot to increase damage? meanwhile finding dragon claws (or incendiary sac) could decrease damage taken from dragons? Could be a skill of Zoology or Cryptozoology?
The level of monster parts you can study would roughly match the level required to tame them? Dragon and higher parts would only be able to be studied by Grandmasters, while at level 20 you can study goblin and orc parts?
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Postby Zilverlight » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:07 am

I've been thinking of more ways to make crafting a little useful.

There used to be a condition for weapons (and maybe armor too?) where an item would wear down over time, eventually rendering it useless unless repaired. Eventually scrapped, but we could possibly go onto the other side of the spectrum from it.

Once a player has GM Weaponsmithing or Armoursmithing, the player is now able to have a chance at increased quality of items created. If trying to craft a Blackrock Machete, there could be a 10% chance for a Masterwork Blackrock Machete that has a higher base attack damage than an ordinary one. Same for Armor and their base defense.

Masterwork Jewelery could be more susceptible to magical effects, and thus have a 10-15% increased enchantment effect. That + 35 str necklace now becomes a +39 str necklace. The + 5 MR ring is now a + 6 MR ring.

There's only a chance that it will be made Masterwork, so you'd have to craft multiple ones.

This would probably be a nightmare for coding, but you could have an increased chance of masterwork with items you've made over and over again. Working with blackrock increases your chance for Masterwork Blackrock items and such. Cap it at 15% or something like that.

eggmceye wrote:- make craftable artys as part of crafting revision part 2 for smith, armourer, tailorer, woodcrafter from findable single use recipes - low mid and hi lvl arties

Good idea, and maybe have them requiring a Rod of Power, so the player would have to have one of those on hand or 100 enchanting to make one. I'd say having some requirements met from Enchanting would be an idea, since it's basically crafting an enchanted item.
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Re: RFC - SKILLS (keighn's meditation post)

Postby eggmceye » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:41 pm

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