Future classes!

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Re: Future classes!

Postby Djanno » Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:00 am

Keighn wrote:Skeletun Bard or Djanno when he's rocking it hard! :rebel:

Djanno :smoke:
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:07 am

This is as good of thread as any for class discussions and links several others:

Starting here:

Re: Ideas thread 2015
by Rumper » Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:08 am
What you are actually describing in more like a complete overhaul of classes which a few people would like.
I think a system like this could actually work.
So we got the 5 main classes: Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Monk and Priest
And every main class has different sub-classes:
Fighter -> Knight & Berserker; knights use shields and 1H-weaponry while berserkers use 2H weapons.
Rogue -> Swashbuckler & Assasin; swashbucklers uses foils and ranged weaponry offhand while the assasins use dual ss.
Mage -> Elementalist & Necormancer; elementalists can use a wide range of magics each with their attributes of nature while the necro summons undead and sows plague.
Monk -> Only monk but an added shaman or warlock as suggested could be quite cool. So monks use their inner power through their fists while Shamans and Warlocks release the limits in their body channeling huge amounts of mana through ritual daggers or guns while weakening their foes.
Priest -> Only priests but I heard that there is a chance (rumors) druids class could be implemented. So priests pray for the well-being of their comrades while druids channel the forces of nature and thus have all AOE spells.

But this makes this game actually less interesting that it is. The key that this game has is in it's skills system. A level based skillcapped (like NG) server would be off-charts. Multi-classing while not being limited to 1000 stats (2000 effective) is simply epic. Reason in my eyes why NG despite it's huge potential isn't that frequently visisted is because there is no sense in grinding. Only goal there is to search for elders, 2x2 and hybrids. Thus spending the majority of time hitting each and every mob once to check if it's a boss mob before swiftly passing through stealthed or invisible... That is after maxing out your stats and skill build.

I strayed off-topic
The advantage that swords have over maces/polearms is their damage type. But axes deal the same damage type and are faster (both 1H and 2H) and thus there is no reason to actually use swords. So maybe there could be a chance to debuff swords even more but make them able to parry/roll. This would be then the ideal tanker weapon. So every fighter wouldn't need 12 weapons in its arsenal but 16. (4 tints and 4 differents weapons).

Now for the monk OP-upgrade of the post:

Monks have a problem with AOE damage as in that doesn't exist. That is quite annoying but we got a monk alright
Would there be a chance to get a monk version of charge? Call it quick attack or something. Basically you designate an opponent using TAB and use the skill that could cost like 40 rage. After using the skill it would be a reverse seize basically. Instead of pulling stuff near you, you get close to them. But they may not be hamstrung. Using the skill in succession would work like a combo. First quick attack deals 1 damage while the second deals 50% AS and the third 110% AS. Each time you get on a different corner of the opponent. Like when using seize on an enemy that stands next to you. This could make dungeon bashing a lot more fun. (Provided one is using runed gloves). Skillfull usage of this skill let's you waste less time moving around and more time fighting.

Ill agree each base class should start off with two subclasses.

I like barbarian but maybe it is a berserker. I only wanted all ultima 3-4 classes at least represented so maybe eventually both.


Thief I disagree on some of the aspects of subclass. Assassins probably love to snipe and kill from a distance. I think ninja or assassin should be put under monk.


Elementalist could almost be broken into further specialists if you go the simple fire, water, air, earth route. More if you get into various religions detailing wood, metal, spirit, void.

Elementalist (possible individual element specialist)

Priests so far are bandaid men. So some subclass is needed.
Paladin (holy warrior)
Druid/shaman (as I suggest a beastmaster and plant based class)

Monk hard to subclass if egg doesn't want oriental aspects. But of go:

Ninja (meaning assassin so rogue based)
???? I don't know wu-Jen, shukejenka, maybe Pioa Shoa.
Mongolian horse man warrior.
Maybe like that cartoon shaman king with spirit weapons and guardian spirits along with DBZ energy based attacks.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:14 am

I think instead of sniper or rather other name would be musketeer/gunner/sniper.

Though musketeers almost seem swashbuckler subclass.

Ones not really mentioned yet:
Rangers (terrain bonus and land survivability. In wizards crown there was also scout class that could be on point to identify monsters and set up surprise attacks)
Shepards ( which would make more sense as beast master)
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Rumper » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:45 am

These ideas would be good if we were to go the traditional class way though they may need balancing alot.

This is a rant, feel free to skip.
However if we were to go the modern way, namely adding skills instead of classes it would be even better.
As you all know blessed maces and maces skill are mutually exclusive, my idea is to increase the amount of skills while making some of them mutually exclusive too.
It would be a major improvement while keeping out close to invincibility/immortality class characters.

On the aspect of classes and subclasses the big problem is the fact that most subclasses are actually hybrids. I am talking about PD.

One of the best examples is the Paladin, it is a hybrid between a priest and a fighter and thus would not make any sense if you would add it to the game.
In my eyes the best way to avoid things like that is to avoid all subclasses. As basically different races can remort to 175% (humans to 200%) class cap making it mainstream to get one 100% main class and a 75% another class. In other games this other class would be considered the sub-class.

So I will be mostly encouraging the lot of you to add unique classes that aren't considered hybrids at all. Maybe splitting a few current skills to other classes would be nice too. Lastly shared skills can be solved quite easily. Like for example if the assasin class comes into play. The stealth skill would have to be shared between assasins and rogues. A possible solution would be to make the current class (assasin or rogue) % the cap. Thus effectively limiting the stealth skill to the highest rogue or assasin %. Even better would be to limit it to the sum of both these classes %. E.g. 100 fighter/ 75 rogue can get stealth to 75% while 30 monk / 90 rogue / 55 assasin could get stealth to 100 because 55 + 90 = 145.

That's it for my rant.

Now some class ideas, I shall be stealing alot of them from Keighn :D

Rogue should be split into more classes or atleast the swashbuckler/assasin and the ranger.
The swashbuckler/assasin shoud have a skill called throwing weapons that can potentially add status effects like frozen, burnt, poisoned, stunned, bleeding and weakened.
The ranger should be able to place traps and stack DoT damage. The ranger cannot stealth and should have a passive ability at 100 skill called wilderness survival that will atleast endure 1 fatal blow every 3 minutes.

Contrary to Keighn, swashbucklers and musketeers should be the same. Maybe a name change to Pirate would be better, pirates use foils and gunpowder weaponry.

Beast masters would be quite epic, in-game a few people also promoted it. Instead of having summons, tame pets and they add in HP and damage according to lvl of the player and skill mastery. I would propose being able to 'control' 4 pets at once would be quite nice. Every 25 mastery 1 extra pet slot. However only you can only get 1 guardian pet. This is the normal pet for non-beast masters that can't die. The other 3 pets should be able to die permanenlty as in not summonable anymore. You can tame these 3 pets using a tool, called whip or something.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Tink » Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:48 am

You rant a lot.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Tue Dec 29, 2015 2:37 am

I don't necessarily disagree with a pirate/swashbuckler/musketeers mold. Generally, the entire structure of regular skills, primary abilities, activated powers, equipment allowed, and secondary abilities would have to be changed. It would probably work more in line like the elder scrolls games and perhaps a few other types of games.

Still, a hard line base for classes could work. My original idea for paladin was holy warrior that nixxed healing but allowed advantages against demons and undead. I didn't even get into weaponry types or spell like abilities.

Now as to similar weaponry for other classes its pretty simple on paper. A different class uses a different skill special for the weapons.

We all know the classic rogue special for shoes words. What is it slice n dice? And you can purchase gouge and some others. If you get enough foils you can use whatever it is (I forget as I haven't played)

Assassin would replace slice n dice. Remember they are precision stealth death machines. It's more likely they'd slit your throat from behind or garrote, maybe an assassinate attack that amplifies backstabbing damage or does a different debilitation effect. Many use acid and poisons. Perhaps their poison use is far more effective vs mobs.

Maybe a class can opt to drop a weapon to put further % into a single weapon unlocking more deadly abilities and higher AS and DMG potential.

An optional skill for all at one point would be a skill in where rage doesn't decay as fast or at all until used. Some classes might utilize rage at a lesser % than some (berserker) instead of the all or nothing.

Speaking of berserker the bad party friendly aspect is when they rage. A flurry from them might very well strike a friendly party member.

New skills and abilities pertaining to class would need to be constructed. Also, old would needs revamp just so there is a reason to be say a pure fighter, rogue, Mage, priest, etc.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Rumper » Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:48 pm

Maybe an important element would be to make current builds easy to convert or not useless. Just so Egg won't have to hand out respec certificates manually.

I would like a hard line base for classes very much. However there is 1 thing that confuses me, is Egg pro or contra multiclassing?

If we are talking about Paladins then I suggest a warrior that can cast buffs on everyone (including himself) would be quite nice. Maybe the buffs are interlinked to his main weapon. A 1H weapon would increase suvivability while a 2H can increase offensive skills. Even nicer could be aura skills. "The holy energy surrounding you is helping your allies!" I am sure there are lots and lots of different aspect that could be buffed :D

Pirate/swashbuckler/musketeers mold: This class can use foils and (new skill) gunpowder weaponry. Increases in gunpowder weaponry can reduce load times.

Assasin: This class can use ss (short swords) and (new class) throwing weapons. It would be able to use something similar to aspects but that add status effects. I know it sounds silly but stunner style stance would be awesome.

Ranger: This basically the rogue, but without stealth. This one would be able to lay traps and detect them. Maybe ss would work at half effectiveness to give him some defensive close combat measures.

Nameless class: A thief with magic abilities, this one could use enforcement magics to strenghten his (only his not allies) attack power while debuffing his foes. Would be quite nice to have in parties, maybe we'll see more epic runs :P However unless you give him a seperate weaponclass it would be more like a hybrid.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Wochoo » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:54 am

Would be cool with some kind of class that get bonuses from cursed gear or somthing :)
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Re: Future classes!

Postby eggmceye » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:21 am

Wochoo wrote:Would be cool with some kind of class that get bonuses from cursed gear or somthing :)

necromancers were meant to be able to wield cursed weapons originally but it was too hard (as in, I couldn't be fucked, and it was messy) to implement
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Postby Keighn » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:12 pm



Yeah, I can picture some sort of class that tosses bombs, sets traps like Jokey smurf:

Uh, tells horrible jokes, enrages mobs by their presence (not like they aren't already pissed off). etc. I'll think more on this and look at my older ideas.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:35 pm

I was thinking about Rangers

Passive Abilities: (or upped when certain non class skills are used)
Hunting/Dressing(butchering) - Generally, mobs that drop meat or special drops like sulphurous ash, horns, etc (as per that individual mob) drop their corpse or items more often as your Hunting skill goes up. Useful to finding ingredients.

Gathering - While we don't have a lot of searchable items (other than mandrake and nightshade on various nights), if the game ever does implement picking crops, herbs, etc, then a higher gathering skill would mean you would find more of the item per search.

Survival - Rangers are out in the elements a lot. This is a flat out higher elemental resistance that raises with the skill. It generally increases as you are exposed to whatever attack. Lava damage is also reduced as this gets higher.

Resource Sense -
Depending on the skill ability to see tinted ore pocket or tinted logs and good fishing spots.
I know Lord Mort did a tinted mountains somewhere but I can't find it. This post has tinted graves.
So, the ranger at 100% can easily see what areas are rich in the resources and when they are depleted it looks just like a regular terrain tile.

I'll add to this as I nitpick through some stuff. maybe I'll flesh it out.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Rumper » Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:56 pm

Druid: "A class that uses the forces of nature and gods together to achieve miracles!"

Weapons = Sickle, Scythe, Dagger, Gladius, Clurit, Hook, Staves, Short staves
Off-hand = Books of Medicine, Health, Gods, Nature
Armour = Light armour

Agriculture - Knowledge of plants help you grow them.
Cutting - Just simple cutting
Worship - Worshipping ancient deities providing miracles
Anthrozoology - Studies animals for empowerment and shapeshifting

Agriculture: tool (rake)
0 = Plants tomatoes, potatoes, hops, cheeseplants, onions, etc...
5 = Watering agent to speed up plant grow (ash + water)
10 = Plant potions for medicinal herbs. (Basically decons potions with full returns)
20 = Plant keyfiddler (A plant that wriggles into keyholes to unlock them, reusable)
30 = Make well (Gives alot of water)
40 = Make tunnels (Blinks you somewhere else)
40 = Plant decoy plants (Plants similar to the clay figurine and lure mobs. X Sec cd)
50 = Plant aggresive plants (Plants similar to the clay figurine and deal damage)
60 = Plant soothing plants (Plants similar to the clay figurine and help restore mana and/or health)
70 = Plant bomberplants (Plants similar to the clay figurine on a suicide mission)
80 = Plant leech seeds (Plants similar to the clay figurine that restore health over time and do DoT)
90 = Plant mysterious plants (Plants similar to the clay figurine that gives a random bad status effect)
90 = Summon lotus flower (Mechanics similar to healing ward)
100 = Summon king corpser

30 = Fast swipe (Attacks once more with no delay)
60 = Backward cut (Pushes mob 1 tile away)
90 = Harvest (Gets you a random body part)

Worship: Mana intensive spells and Favours last 10 min and are mutually exclusive/or not
C1 = Worship god! (Gives you 10 worship points lasting 10 minutes and refreshes worship points cd.) 50% of mana
C2 = Sacrifice food (Gives you food buff and 1 worship point) 10% of mana
C3 = Sacrifice corspe (Gives you 5 worship points) 20% of mana
C4 = Sacrifice self (Gives you 8 worship points) 10% of health
C5 = Favour potions (Buffs potion effects by 2) 25 mana and 10 favour points
C5 = Favour food (Increases food duration by 150%) 25 mana and 10 favour points
C6 = Favour the weak (Buffs MR and DEF by 10%) 75 mana and 10 favour points
C6 = Favour destruction (Buffs AS by 10%) 50 mana and 10 favour points
C7 = Chaos! (Every mob, player and pet gets confused!) 100 mana and 20 favour points
C8 = Smite! (Deals 50% of locked target HP) 150 mana and 250 favour points

C1 = Undo shapeshift 1 mana
C1 = Pet! (Gives up to 70% chance to make a mob neutral) 2 mana
C2 = Eye of the birds (Gives you an effect similar to a peergem) 4 mana
C3 = Sense of the wolves (Gives you dwarf vision) 8 mana
C4 = RATTATA! (Shapeshift into a rat!) 10 mana + 1 mana every 3 sec
C4 = Trollpower (Shapshift into a troll!) 10 mana + 2 mana every 3 sec
C5 = Walk of mountains (Shapeshift into a zorn) 20 mana + 4 mana every 3 sec
C5 = Slithering of the serpent (Shapeshift into a sea serpent) 20 mana + 4 mana every 3 sec
C6 = Flight of the devil (Shapeshift into a slow flying imp) 30 mana + 6 mana every 3 sec
C6 = Flareblitz (Shapeshift into an AOE dealing nightmare with twice the speed) 30 mana + 10 mana every 3 sec
C7 = Wyvern's Shadow (Shapeshift into a Shadow Wyvern) 50 mana + 20 mana every 30 sec
C8 = Call of Allies (Summons reinforcements similar to which shape you are in and they attack locked targets) Reinforcements go away when mana runs out or you undo shapeshift. 50 mana + 20xamount of called allies every 3 sec
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Re: Future classes!

Postby newmagna » Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:41 am

I posted this on the ideas thread but no one noticed, so i'm reposting here:
"The whole paladin thing is very confusing in most rpgs I've seen that also have a Cleric class that can do magic and melee.I have also followed the whole "Druid" discussion and might end giving yall a piece of my mind.
One of the things I hate the most about it is the use of the word paladin itself. The paladin knights were a group of twelve knights that served king paladin(If you just thought "that's some Jesus/Arthur shit!" yes it's pretty much that) that were considered above every other knight and were given the title of HOLY knights. or something along those lines.
A Holy/Magic Knight would(in my vision) use a (holy)sword/spear and (holy)shield combo that would grant it extra mag dmg for the sword and mr/vig/dmg reflection for the shield. The class would use mainly buffs, debuffs and crowd control spells instead of straight nuking everything. Perhaps one or two "Smite Evil"-like attacks. The spell list could go something like:
-1 Circle:
Consecrate Arms(GEY, turns weapon and shield in hand into holy versions),
Weapon of Sunlight(IOLY, temporary buff makes weapon deal Light/Magic/Fire/Lightning damage that bypasses MR and scales with str/dex like the weapon rather than int, and it consumes mana at a rate 110-(Skill level)/second),
Beacon(UL, sacrifices a torch that will mesmerize mobs around you and make them ignore you).
-2 Circle:
Goat's Blessing(IOGY, charges a single use OG on a weapon, 10 min cooldown),
Storms Blessing(UHP, faster attacks, speedy and you can run over water),
Ram's Blessing(MT, regenarates over a period of time or untill you are completely healed),
Admiration(QWL, Chance of making mobs neutral and easier to tame).
-3 Circle:
Festering Wounds(NYX, Diseases and poisons target, undead are immune to this, right?),
Repel Undead(ACM, makes undead flee from you, makes them weaker and take damage by being in proximity to you),
Hunger(DM, makes mobs starve and accept your food more often, incidentally)
-4 Circle:
Stallion's Blessing(IVFY, like IOGY but with VF),
Kneel(Slows down opponents around you as if they are encumbered),
Holy Shield(USY, enchants shield with MR, scales with skill level),
Snake's Blessing(CMR, you resurrect with 25% health if you die, can't be used with MT and has a long cooldown period starting from the resurrection).
-5 Circle:
Divine Possession(KDEOL, doubles stats, loses control of character as it searches for more enemies, gets paralyzed for the same amount of time you were possessed),
Holy Ground(APMJ, creates 3x3 area that traps you and whatever gets inside, lasts for a minute, you regenerate faster inside),
Body of Light(UYL, you become impervious to physical attacks(and a light source) for 5 seconds or until you move, blinking in that direction).
-6 Circle:
Thunderfall(GD, self explanatory, single target lightning strike, stuns, maybe point blank?),
Retribution(AMR, Deals damage depending on how hurt you are),
Heart attack(UAG, random chance of damage to target, but he always gets paralyzed),
Greed(UGD, creates a black hole that attracts, paralyzes and damages mobs),
Arc Lance(KYG, exploding projectile).
-7 Circle:
Despair(AFHT, deals ice damage over time and a large area),
Doppelganger(KALM, sacrifices 25% of your HP and summons a shadow copy of you with 25% HP that can't use spells),
Black Blade(UYR, weapon deals 2x damage to the first creature type you kill for either a few minutes or for ever( does not stack with itself, either by having a cooldown at least as long as the duration or by being unusable on a weapon you already enchanted. Does stack with silver against undead)).
-8 Circle:
Youth's Blessing(VMT, greatly regenates you and party members, as well as buffing you all by adding MR, Def and NV),
Beast of the Land(KVC, summons 2x2 monster that will chase the strongest monster in your immediate vicinity, kill it(while dealing collateral damage to everything else around), and then disappear),
Golden Body(UOM, buffs you by adding your int to you str/dex( either 50/50 or by the ratio you already have, or perhaps evening the two?),
Thunder Golem(KOGY, sacrifices all of the armor you're wearing to call a thunder golem(slow, hueh Def, casts OG). Once it disappears you get your armor back)
Halfway into making this list I realized how many nuking spells there are(I'm improvising this you see), But I do think this could work.
If you're wondering about the names I gave to the spells(Stallion, Goat, etc... I recommend searching for the Campione! light novel. Don't bother watching the anime. It's shit. SHIT.
*edit: PM me With your email and I'll send you the PDF since it's pretty hard to find it now that it's illegal to host it online."
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Re: Future classes!

Postby newmagna » Thu Dec 08, 2016 11:48 pm

I just realized that the paladin and druid classes could simply be expansions of the "priest" set of classes, so whatever skill that these classes share(like fighters share block and tactics, and every weapon skills) would just build up the priest % meter, allowing the implementation of classes with new skills that don't count as an entirely, thus partially resolving the multi-classing issue. Maybe necros could be subsets of the mage %, or would that make mages too OP...?
More class ideas(because i have that much free time)!
I've rethought my last paladin idea into two others, Spell-Warrior and Crusader:
SW: Magery and Mystic Martial Arts Lore(mage subset)
-Mana Circulation(passive): permanently adds int as a buff to yourself.
-Enchant: Adds a (scaling with skill level) temporary (scaling with int) + to your weapons.
-Channel: reduces your total mana but adds a % of your int to both str and dex.
-Aura: Adds MR and def at the cost of a chunk of mana.
-Reactive Armor: Gives extra defense against the first kind of attack to hit in the next 15 seconds.
-Phantasmal Weapon: Your weapon bypass defense, damages the enemy, and also reduces their mana.
-Specter: Clone yourself as a temporary pet(for PVP purposes: IJO kills it).
-Wind Protection: Speedy and defense against projectiles and fire. Flying.
-Static: Point blank lightning damage.
-Sever: Long range heavy magic damage.
-Bane Weapon: weapon deals the same damage the last enemy is most vulnerable to.
-Self Mending: Low level healing, like bandages but heals instantaneously
-Gravity: AoE slowing.
-Comet: A mix of Blink and Charge.
-Leech Mana: Self explanatory.

Crusader: Blessed Weapons and Holiness, Divinity
-Holy Aura(passive): buffs self and allies with extra regen and vigour, and maybe AS.
-Despair: Omni-directional Ice damage over time, on a radius around the caster.
-Punishment: increases damage depending on how low current HP is.
-Divine Will: Increases damage depending on how many enemies you kill in a certain amount of time.
-Divine Emissary: Calls a random angel that will give different buffs/debuffs, and will have different attacks.
-Goat's and Stallion's blessing: Charges a lightning and fire attack in the weapon, respectively(The two don't stack).
-Rip Away: Takes away target's defense and MR.
-Holy Might: Turns you into a 2x2 with the appropriate stats.
-Sunlight: Fire DoT AoE, light source(Doesn't stack with Despair).
-Pacify: turns Mobs neutral to you.
-festering wounds: Diseases and poisons target
-Divine Possession: Mega Buff, berserk, paralysis.
-Sanctuary pushes mobs away.
-Heretical Spoils: Summons a Demon(make take on a quest to obtain this one).
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:30 pm

Hey Rumper, I just was tagging along with Taron er.. hope I got his name right in one of the plant monster maps. Those plants have some neat abilities... If I go there I will try to record what they do for ideas on druid. I rather like the idea of an Evil Seed character who tosses sees around that grows things.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby newmagna » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:18 pm

Djanno wrote:
Keighn wrote:Skeletun Bard or Djanno when he's rocking it hard! :rebel:


Do you mean:
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Re: Future classes!

Postby newmagna » Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:57 am

So, Druid:
A class with intimate ties to nature, the earth, water and skies. A magician that is not a scholar, a fighter that is not a warrior. In many ways a cleric, but the gods it worship are the spirits of nature nature itself. To understand the druid's ways is to understand the inevitability of things that are meant to be, the balance that is reached between actors on the greatest stage, and the futility in fighting nature.
That said, none of you really care about this bullshit, so here's how you can wreck all living beings shit by bashing their skulls open or cracking Mother Nature's fireworks on their foolishly revealed weak point:
Transformation: The art of channeling animalist and wild spirits into your body, melding your soul and spirit to gain the blessings of the earth.
-Wings: You fly. That's it. Uhm? oh right, it's walking speed, doesn't stack with 'Hooves'.
-Horns: Greater strenght and magic power, vigour.
-Hooves: Super speed and dodging capabilities.
-Fur: Resistance to the elements, be it the freezing cold of a dragons breath or the scorching flames(also of a dragons breath, weirdly enough.), all can be resisted, the ability to push through unwinnable is gained.
-Scales: Impenetrable body Armour is attained, protecting one. A great many shield in one's skin have the ability to deflect arrows, stop spears and swords, and even sustain the abuse of magic.
-Predator's eyes: It's a fancy way for saying NV. What< I can't be bothered to be hammy all the time

Earthquake, flood, tornado, thunder, sunlight:
-Calling forth the powers of disaster and death, the environment itself takes part in the battle: The ground splits open and spears of rock jut out of the ground, rivers wash away the unlucky and boiling geysers burst from the opening of the earth, the wind stirs and attack with it's blades any in it's way, thunder strikes taking away lives like a scythe, and the sun scorches the earth, blinding the fools who look at it.

-The druid is knowledgeable on the riches of the earth, the herbs that grow on the wayside can be used cure toxins, ward off hunger, and even heal wounds, given time.
-But the earth is not just a nice bed to lay on and have your wounds healed, It is also an unforgiving mistress, that can rob away one's life given any misstep, and the herbs one finds on the wayside can be used to poison a man, make him sick, frail, and even drive him to madness.

Summon beast:
-The beasts that run, gallop, crawl, fly, and swim on nature's domain can be ensnared by the druid to do his bidding, even he only wishes to sate his hunger.

Summon flowerbed:
-The most frail aspect of the earth is it's flowers, but these can also bring demise if one is not careful, as well as be powerful tools if one is wise, for these can spread it's treacherous toxins in the air, attract the unsuspecting bugs that depend on it, and they can even attack those the fail to recognize the danger they pose.

Scythe and Sickle
-These are the two I would implement for the druid, I would also suggest replacing the fighter weapon 'scythe' with it's real life sort of equivalent, the billhook(look it up) and substitute the necromancer hexblade 'sickle' with it's way edgier counterpart, the reaper. Granted that I don't know muck about agricultural tools, but still.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:56 am

I was thinking of separating animals into more of the shepherd/beastmaster class instead of lumping it into the shaman class (otherwise it gets to be a bit more of a diablo clone). Note that I don't like shapeshifting....
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Re: Future classes!

Postby newmagna » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:30 am

@keighn Not so much shape shifting as, uhm... Well, what I meant to imply was that those buffs could stack, is all. Well, some of them, anyway.
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Re: Future classes!

Postby Keighn » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:19 am

Ah, i know a little bit about such tools. Like the necromancer its prolly easier to use a spell to convert to a new weapon though, losing basic implements, hoe, sickle, scythe, doesnt leave much.....

I need to really relook at many druid types in other games. Certainly plants is great. Perhaps more spirit work and i am leaning to elementalism now...

Course we are just all tossing ideas.... Some say current classes need teeaking and refining.

Really am thinking of ranger ad mire of a scout, hunter, and resource finder (esp if we get gathering in) also monster identifier that reveals basic stats of mobs including what spells. Ignoring or reducing terrain penalties. Greater chances of meat and compnent harvests.

Shepherd/beastmaster not only easier taming, but can charm neutrals to aid and more than 1 pet active at a time. Or go partial d&d witch like with animal familiar, companion, guardian. Control and enrage beasts. Easier herding of pets to outright controlling them.

Tinker should be a master of craftsman with metallury split from mining to learn how to create new compounds and alloys. Obviously a new branch of engineering to create siege engines including crossbow golems, catapults, (thinking more warcraft 1 i guess) and automated ballista, mechanical spiders, and perhaps earth and iron golems.
Crafting skills come easier. But tinkers as combatants.... Probably poor to light.

Paladins holy watriors have a lot of builds and we dont want healing warrior. Undead and demonkind should fear them and auras from ??? (Cant say god or angels as euo is uh... Well cant say theres a religious hierarchy beyond priests..)

That just leaves out unconventional ultima 3 and certain game classes
Alchemists (creating flechetes grenades) utilizing astrology, moons (er moon) etc

Barbarians... Rage filled light armour warrior/beserker

Illusionists (illusion magic never seemed to be gotten right even on paper)

Bards (been lots of ideas here from songs to magical instruments to the inteuments thenselves being weapons or shooting magical frequency blasts)...

And theres the idea of perks one can add every so many levels (some general, some class specific).
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