*/Mage and */Rogue desireability ideas

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*/Mage and */Rogue desireability ideas

Postby Dest » Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:27 am

I think that as things stand now, the idea of multiclassing to anything without a good incombat heal is almost psychotic.
Right now the benefit of multiclassing into each of these are the following:
*/Fighter - Def/AS, Block
*/Priest - Gives some buffs, VM, and ID
*/Mage - Gives KPY/KOP, IP, IMJ
*/Monk - Gives Aspects, a decent noncombat selfheal, and alot of incombat perks(phase shift/mirror/stoneform)
*/Rogue - Gives ranged weapons

What I think would be a step in the right direction is for us to gain the ability to craft specific items that would allow us to dualclass more effectively.


Arcane Blade - Casting Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Arcane Mace - Casting Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Arcane Axe - Casting Property
1h - 1-3 Damage 1.7 Speed
Arcane Spear - Casting Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Arcane Dagger - Casting Property
1h - 1-3 Damage 1.9 Speed
Arcane Gloves - Casting Property
1h - 1-2 Damage 1.4 Speed
Arcane Crossbow - Casting Property
2h - 1-5 Damage 2.5 Speed

Stealth Blade - Backstab Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Stealth Mace - Backstab Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Stealth Axe - Backstab Property
1h - 1-3 Damage 1.7 Speed
Stealth Spear - Backstab Property
1h - 1-4 Damage 2.0 Speed
Stealth Katar - Backstab Property
1h - 1-2 Damage 1.4 Speed

Backstab - Allows backstabbing at 3/4 Damage
Casting - Gives a bonus to casting speed equal to 3/4 of the speed a staff would give you

1- Allow these items to be crafted and dropped as regular item types(ie, a sword could be a scimitar, falchion, arcane sword, stealth sword, etc.)

2- Allow these to instead be a tint that is craftable from a new type of ore/wood, or even an enchanted version of the old ore/wood(enchanter enchants an ore to arcane ore, alchemist transmute an ore to stealth ore).

The main differences in these options are ease of implementation, and whether other tints will be allowed on the weapons, mainly whether you would want vampyric to be able to occur on these.

Option 1:
+Would keep the items very specialized, you wouldn't get many random items capable of faster casting or backstab.
+You could make these items craftable at a much lower level
-Potential for overpowering is easy
-Tints still make or break an item, blackrock, vampyric, adamantium, and copper will be very desireable

Option 2:
+Don't have to design near as many items
+Keeps tints out of the mix unless you make a dual-tint artifact (ie you select which tints you want with these abilities)
+/- Harder to craft, will take 2-3 professions working together to make the items
-What would the tints do for armour? is there an appropriate bonus they can give to armour?

After these are made, these could be the low level solution, while there could be artifacts based off these types as higher level solutions.

Example Artifact under Option 1:
Farimond's Sword
Copper Arcane Sword of Slaying +7
(Would grant 20% casting speed, 20% additional damage, and 10% additional attack speed from the copper tint)

Example Artifact under Option 2:
Dragonskewer (Arcane)
Arcane Spear of Slaying +7
+20 Str

These ideas are not mine alone, I am merely 'fleshing out' Keighn's idea because I really liked it:
Keighn wrote:What about a spellsword or arcane blade. I wouldn't make the damage that great but if it combined the effects of a staff and a sword it might be more viable for a fighter/mage.

Arcane Sword 2-8 dmg Slashing 2.2 speed Flurry
Arcane Axe 2-8 dmg Slashing 2.3 speed Cleave
Arcane Mace 2-8 dmg Bludgeoning 2.4 speed Thunderclap
Arcane Spear 2-8 dmg Piercing 2.1 speed Bloodbolt

*Increased spell casting time about 3/4 the time of a staff.

If that's not enough maybe make them similar to the leeching ability like the bloodkin.

And/or.... they can bind their spell of choice usage to the weapon. It goes off at the same rate as an enchanted weapon except its attuned to the players intelligence for damage/effect.

Naturally, the chance to cast the spell is based on their magery/sorcery % in that spell.
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