alpha server - player classes mod(s)

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alpha server - player classes mod(s)

Postby eggmceye » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:03 pm

Here's an idea of Rusty's that I just modded in that I could try on alpha: making a server that is a hybrid of reg & NG whereby you keep xp & levels but there is a skills cap, but the difference in the cap here and on NG is that only class specific skills are counted to the cap. There would be a 300% cap on class skills, while crafting & misc skills are uncapped. I guess humans can have 350% or something. Here is an example.

Guy has
100% longswords
100% block
100% magery
X% in any crafting skills, healing, taming, med etc

Guy 2 can have
100% magery
75% piety
75% divinity
50% sorcery
X% in any crafting skills, healing, taming, med etc

the skills that would be counted towards the cap;
fighter: longswords, axes, poles, maces, u/a, block, tactics
rogue: shortswords, foils, ranged, traps, locks, stealth
magic: sorc, piety, magery, divinity
new not yet uncoded: druid school, music, necromancy

not counted to the 300% cap:
crafting, healing, taming, fishing

Question is - what should the cap be - 300 or 400%? how should humans benefit - +50% to the cap? Rusty also suggest combining locks & traps into one skill. I thought to weight some skills, so that they are worth more % - but that makes things complicated.

Example fighter build:
100 longswords/maces/axes/poles
100 block
100 tactics

Example priest:
100 maces
100 divinity
100 piety

If this happens then I can trash blessed maces :roll:

Example rogue
100 daggers
100 locks/traps
100 stealth

Whacky builds that make me dislike this system:
foils/daggers/bows + divinity/piety
block + magery/sorcery

Now I'm not sure. Like I said the mod is made, it's easy implemented on alpha. I think the whole idea is a bit utopian. I tend to prefer classic fixed classes myself (basically pre-set combos of skills).
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Re: alpha server is back - with priests

Postby eggmceye » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:12 pm

Mod #2 : fixed classes.
Scrap the 125% thing. It was there to allow multiclassing but no one uses it except with remort/versatility. When you make a char and pick a class, you are stuck with it - but get access to preset sets of skills. If you really want to change class later on, there could be an npc or something to let you do that.

Now if I was going to make a server with fixed classes, the preset builds would be:


sorc + magery

piety + divinity

locks / traps

locks / traps

monk school of spells

and the rest such as crafting, gathering, med, healing, anyone can learn.

I'm not sure what benefit humans would get. Also how to compensate anyone who wasted levels on versatility. Also not sure how much better this is than the current sliding class system anyway. But again it is already coded (I did it for EFBD), I just gotta turn it on and restart the server.
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Re: alpha server - player classes mod(s)

Postby The Oracle » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:21 pm

Whhhoooa :?
Wait. So, you have a whole other monk magic skill and music already done?? :shock:
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Re: alpha server - player classes mod(s)

Postby Magnavox » Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:12 pm

Wait, you have U/A and Staves under different classes like they belong there, I thought they were classless.

Is U/A still a fighter skill? Though it isn't attached to a class? :? :? :?

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