Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

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Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby Heikki » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:50 pm

As Egg said in Discord:
"eggmceyeToday: i cant stomach reg over 500"

Try turn Eggs head here OR prove he is right!

So lets collect here pros and cons

My pros:
* Give player what they want: Grinding!
* Bring back old players
* Activates players that are on cap and just "bank sitting" now
* People will become one step more near like half God (And they want it!)

My cons:
* Reg will become even more grindy?
* It will mess PVP tournaments?
* Some maps comes easier.. so more content need be done.
* People will become one step more near like half God
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Re: Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby LaughingCoyote » Thu Nov 01, 2018 9:19 pm

Don't think it matters. Drops don't improve with mob difficulty, so all it does is unbalance maps even more. I'd rather fix drops balance than increase levels.

Sorry. Don't want to derail thread.

My pros:
More levels = more stats that allow less than optimal builds room to grow into. eg. Tri-class fighter/rogue/druid that has stats spread across str/dex/int.

My cons:
All it does is push the problem further and further up the level. I don't feel anymore "godly" at lvl 500 than when the cap was 100, but hardest map was The Abyss or w/e. Its all relative. Even if the cap was raised to 750, in a few years time people will complain about it being too low and wanting it raised to 1000.

OTOH could just make the xp curve so steep that even though it is technically "uncapped" it is effectively so.
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Re: Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby Mackey » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:31 pm

I believe both would be logical and fair updates to the game.

Level 550 level cap, and possibly a year or so in the future, 600?
-Would offer non-humans at the level cap a chance to fully dual class without purchasing a respec, and also humans a chance to fix their stat ratios without a respec. Some of us can't buy addy coins as often anymore.

Increase all drop maximums by +1
-Increasing stat, AS, MR, DEF, etc would negate some of the loot hoarding that has been going on for the past few years and set everyone at a fairly equal playing field for finding the best gear possible.
-Opens up use of the few remaining diamond coins on the server for stuff other than greater wand of amp
-Fair chance for everyone to get +10 AS weapons as right now they're limited to the people who used/have crystal coins and possibly artifacts, which aren't WoTable and can't be used by Necromancers
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Re: Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby Keighn » Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:43 am

Since I’ve been back in NO HOME INTERNETVILLE I’ve missed out on the birthday and all the diamond coins so that issue is moot to me. I do pop on here and there for a few when the librarian doesn’t scowl.

Ok. Level limits on REG & PD


Will it bring back old players?
Eh, probably just on occasion.

What about NG? Do we turn it into infinite stat grinding that gets progressively harder and harder?

Will it make you god-like?
Maybe.. given enough time.

I addressed that in a party mechanic thread. If egg wanted to spend the time retuning parties and how exp is allotted by each players level tier by: killer of mob, damage % to mob, lazy leecher; then it’s up to egg or maybe another who’s dissected the program and just loves messing around with code and figures.
I’m guessing it’s possible that you can make a leecher get absolutely 0 xp or any number in between.
Party Xp Discussion

Extend parties up to 8-10.

I’m also going to mention MMOM (Massively Multiplayer On Mobile). The Chinese and certain companies aren’t wrong that it’s a $$$ grab. I’m not saying egg wants a $$$ grab but the larger market is on mobile. If an engine can be made to incorporate that with how we currently play then maybe it’s an investment to look into. But egg, DO NOT SELL OUT TO THE CHINESE GAMING INDUSTRY!!! please...

Some people are OCD and grinding scratches that itch. I honestly think most games have some level of grinding in them when I look at it. There’s probably articles on game design and affecting the brain and behavior.

In the end:
Is it simple to implement?

If egg says NO we can dispute but come on it’s a free game and you can make alts.
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Re: Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby Balmung » Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:47 am

What if there were some type of prestige or rebirth system. Once you reach 500, if you really like your build you can reset your level for some type of benefit.


like people were talking about in discord, add in an item that interacts with EXP. Maybe an item that, while equipped, stops you from gaining exp and saves it onto that item. Said item could be redeemed for something like .5 of the exp saved onto the item (on another character), or redeemed for some other item. (or maybe converted to a currency and then redeemed for items, if that's easier.)

While I think it's pretty important to keep recommendations as simple as possible, I think this is a case where simply raising the lv cap is uninteresting. Egg even displayed some distaste for it. However, I think it's an opportunity to brainstorm cool ideas. In some ways I fear hitting the level cap on Goe because I'm starting to really love the skele rogue/monk set up and once I'm maxed, I think I would feel like I'm wasting exp hunting at lv 500. (unless I'm power leveling / helping a party)
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Re: Why or why not reg should have lvl cap over 500?

Postby Keighn » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:19 am

I wanted the remort system changed for years. Basically, the idea was to increase maximum class %, reset level back down to 1, keep 90% of your stats.

The kicker is you suffer a permanent XP penalty.

And I figured why not at any level for the remort (for the impatient)

If that’s too easy then an unlockable quest to allow it.

A further penalty could be almost NO leeching (if we used my party idea) as you’re considered lvl 501 now or w/e.

A slightly altered character statistic screen could display Class & level/class & level, etc. Marked in Red means that old class is locked. Removing a class could take a Cashe Shop wand but that’s hitting you pretty damn hard.

It seems a lot of games like the customized anyone can be everyone/any class.

How many classes? How many are there?
1 class 100% xp gained
2 classes 90% xp gained
3 classes 80% xp gained
4 classes 70% xp gained
5 classes 60% do gained etc

Eventually you will be wondering if it’s worth it but hey grinders gonna grind and I think that’d fix any grinder who loves their old character. Works for PD too.

Again, it leaves NG with an issue. I guess for NG such a remort allows more skills like double your racial allowance but now you suffer with skill/stats increasing slower I guess -10% of normal or.....

Current NG rules:
Features of the NG server include:
no experience or player levels
350% cap on class skills for non humans, 425% for humans (non class skills are not counted towards the cap!)
2000 cap on stats
stats are worth 2x their face value (ie 150 STR is actually worth 300)
skills go up at 5x reg
no restrictions on mixing and matching skills (ie no class cap)
fast skill gains

Revised with remorts:

no experience or player levels
Human 0 remort = 425% skills/stats go up 5x
Human 1 remort = 850% skills/stats go up 4x
Human 2 remort = 1,275% skills/stats go up 3x
Human 3 remort = 1,700% skills/stats go up 2x
Human 4 remort = 2,125% skill/stats go up 1x (like reg)
Human 5 remort = 2,550% skill/stats go up .5 (1/2 reg) 2550 like max ultima 3 hp

Non-Human 0 remort = 350% skills/stats go up 5x
Non-Human 1 remort = 700% skills/stats go up 4x
Non-Human 2 remort = 1,050% skills/stats go up 3x
Non-Human 3 remort = 1,400% skills/stats go up 2x
Non-Human 4 remort = 1,750% skill/stats go up 1x (like reg)
Non-Human 5 remort = 2,100% skill/stats go up .5 (1/2 reg)

Just an idea since I can’t test it.
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