Possible Race to 1k?

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Possible Race to 1k?

Postby Azalynn » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:25 pm

So i want to see if we can organize an event literally a race to 1k.

No particular rules at all but i am down to come up with some gear as a prize if we get some interest.

Gear could literally be like I will make someone full gear of their choice max stats and an end game weapon for their class?

Full mythic goldweave +36 int
+9 mythic attack rings (or bands)
+9 mythic attack neck (or esto neck or whatever)
mythic Vamp staff +9
+9 sigils

I have most of everything in the game on PD and would love to give it away if we get an event happening where we can get the server active. If we get at least 5 people actively attempting to race for it, ill absolutely set a start date for the contest and we can get on it. Ill be participating but i wouldn't be able to win, just playing alongside the competitors.

Anyone interested? :D

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